Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Blogged down

Why is it that when I started this blog, in the throes of my final semester of a history master's, in the hardest class or seminar I've ever had -- the Reformation -- I had more time to blog, and to blog thoughtfully, than I do now?

Dr. ER says the mind gets brittle -- Mama ER used to say "brickle" -- as it ages. Is that it? Is it *that* fur of a piece from age 40 to 44?

Is it that I worry more than I did then, leaving less room for thought? Is it that hard work, whether physical or mental, begets hard work and greater capacity?

Is it that with Dubya on the way out, I'm just not as worked up about stuff in general as I used to be? Is it that I try not to let Focus On Everybody Else's Family, and fundies in general, get me so riled up anymore?

I dunno. I just feel like I haven't had much to blog of any import lately. Maybe I never did. All we are is dust in the wiiiiiinnnnnndddddd ...


Go back and read the kinds of things you blogged about when you first started. It's changed over time. Maybe you're trying to blog to a different standard for a different reason now.

Things change A LOT in the early 40s. Perspectives and all that. You've spent a lot of recent time focused on unpleasant things. Maybe you just need a pet post or 500 for a bit to liven you up again. Something more immediately personal.
And there are definite ebbs and flows to blogging. We all have downtimes, or times when we're stuck on a particular topic, or times when we wonder whether we should even keep going. But then there are the great discussions, and friends made, and interesting topics to help balance out the other. This too will pass.
Well, I know my mind is not being challenged as much. My politics is not being challenged as much. Bird isn't around to give me kid things to blog about. ...

Could be that 1., I'm just in a general lull in life for a change -- no pending move to look forward to as well as dread -- and-but-or I'm somewhat worried about staying employed, and the blog reflects all that.
Oh, and the audience I had in mind at the start is the same one today: myself first, and general audiences second.
I've been finding the same thing. Some might put it down to having achieved a certain success, or perhaps achieved a goal. There are still things out there to enrage, amuse, and frustrate. At the same time, the drive to get it put down in words and put up for all the world to see just isn't the same.

I keep at it in hopes that something will spark, though.

Of course, it could be we're both just getting old.
Don't worry, ER. If there's one thing we can be sure of, it's that eventually, the fundies will do some new stupid thing. It's inevitable. :)
On the plus side for you, it's driven me back to heckle EL Ashley.
OMG -- have I become *that* boring and predictable, that even relative newcomer Feodor is driven to greener pastures?? SIGH.
"Greener pastures" is a misnomer. Driven to "shit-fertilized, desert landscapes" is what.

Go where the work is hard.

BTW, according to anecdotal evidence, much of America is going to experience a day without black folks working next Tuesday. Parties in NYC have been organized and thousands of people are taking the day off. I myself will be in huddle of tears with the in-laws in DC on the day.

Let's not forget the emotional outpouring on Nov. 4th. It will be repeated at least in the black community this next Tuesday.
I'm a new ER reader, so I lack a frame of reference of what your old posts were like. Sorry you're feeling a little writer's blog, but I have a feeling you'll get a second wind because this year promises to be extremely interesting... although not necessarily in a good way.
Uh, meant to say "writer's block." Ha.
Say, ER, what do you think of God's Grace providing "universal salvation" for all people, in all times, everywhere?
To all things there is a season...

Or so I have been told. ;)

I have had seasons in blogging, i suspect as Alan says, somthing will get your dander up and fluids pumping.

BTW, our new Curate will be ordained in your fair city this coming friday.
3rdDegree, thanks for coming back.

DrLobo, that is a good question. I say I tend toward universalism -- "tend," I uppose, only because of lingering orthodoxy.

Monk! I'm all for ordination. I may get to participate in one in a couple of months.
"what do you think of God's Grace providing "universal salvation" for all people, in all times, everywhere?"

That reminds me of the question someone asked Gandhi, "What do you think of western civilization?"

To which he replied, "I think it would be a good idea."
Facebook, perhaps?
That's part of it, I reckon. But I keep it noncontroversial over there. ... It satisfies my need for blathering, though, about like a handful of popcorn satisfies my desire for a steak. :-)
Ah, that's the answer then. Facebook kills brain cells. And unlike ethanol, which kills the slow and weak ones, thus making you smarter, Facebook goes for the clever ones first.
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