Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Today's post

--ER :-)

Oh, God. First your man room, now your sex toys.
Is that a fence post?
duh. I just got the pun.

FYI, I am clearly not clever in the morning.
A post. Yep. :-)
How is that a fence post? We have a ton of them on our farm, and they don't look like that! Please elaborate...

Feodor made me laugh :)
I thought it was one of those deluxe zipper closures on freezer bags...
??? It's a lightish-gauge metal post -- called a T-post sometimes.

Couldn't find a wooden post online that didn't look like someone's personal photography ...
The design of that "fence post" seems to be contraindicated. It would be interesting to see it holding up an actual fence.

On second look it does seem to have promise as a device used by Blad the Impaler.
Well, I used a set of these with some chicken wire to keep Bailey and Riker outta my garden, when I kept one, but I wouldn't to keep cattle out of nowhere with 'em unless there was some 'lectric wire attached.
Speaking of "electric fence", I saw this show about Kodiak Bears on the Duffass Channel. Where these guys were seting up an electric fence to ward off bears.
I swear they were using "insulated" twisted wire as the conducting wire. But they lived to broadcast the show so maybe not.
Cheatin'? Noooo. Bein' thrifty! :-)
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