Wednesday, December 10, 2008


To Mao

In memory of Mao, our first black cat, a bobtail stray. He showed up around the time I was in a grad seminar on modern China and so took the name "Mao" readily, since that was what he said all the time.

Mao II, another black cat, but with a tail, lives in my in-laws' neighborhood in Texas. Pa-in-Law took right to raisin' him when he showed up, about the time that our Mao disappeared (this is pre-Ice-T and pre-Eames).

We like to think that our Mao accidentally got on a moving truck in the neighborhood one day and safely made it to his new home somewhere. Or, that he reincarnated somehow as Mao II, but the years and ages don't work out for that.

Anyway, to Mao, the cat.

(Image from Noisebot, which sells it and other oddball stuff on T-shirts and stuff.)


Now THERE'S a cat to combat the decedance of western culture!

Down uz meen LOLcat? :-)
I can haz shrimp egg roll?
Speakin of bob tailed cats, a word of advice: if you is ever out doin' some shirtless trail joggin' in a speedo & green chuck taylor converse hi-tops & come up on a clutch of baby bob-cats, dont get down on the ground & start rollin' round & playin' withem. Sure, they look cute & cuddly & funlovin, but the returnin catmama dont take too kindly for you merrymakin withem...but on the upside, she gets tired after 'bout 30 minutes of maulin' if yousa stop hysterically screamin' & beggin' for god to intervene & cursin' the day you wuz born & jus' play dead & lay still in the pile of your own blood, waste & severed muscular & skeletal tissue... uh, or so I've heard.
ER, I believe you have now done more cat posts than I have.

You, sir, are a cat person.
Hands over ears: lalalalalalalalalalala ... can't hear you ... lalalalalalalalalalalala

Damn lovable critters. :-)
See, I think "Mao" is an excellent cat name, because cats, indeed, are the authors of homebound cultural revolutions.

Oh, and you are a cat person.
Turnin' up the volume on ... something ... anything. Did someone say something? LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA
He's already got two (after having two previously.) Give it a couple years and ol' ER will be just another crazy old cat lady.
When he starts naming them after characters in Dickens' novels, or the title of T. S. Eliot poems (I've known people who did both), then, maybe we can call him a true cat-lady.

Although, you know, the whole Dickens-character thing does work well for cats, doesn't it?
Puur-purr. Don't let our daddy fool you. He luvs us!!
Dang it, I just spent 20 minutes at

I simply do *not* know what got into me.

Mao's story reminds of the blog on Junior's site that Veto the cat did at the demise of Vernon the Cat.

Vern's Last Box:
Poor ol' Vern. I remember his passing.
I wouldn't know about the Dickens thing, our cats are named after Shakespeare characters. :)

I guess that's really not much better, now that I think about it. :)
There is a cat named Dickens that wanders the floors and rooms of the Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport, Oregon.
Just thought you'd like to know.
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