Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Star of Bethlehem: Close enough

A new scientific explanation of the Star of Bethlehem.


How arrogant of out time to assume that the astronomers from Persia with a thousand or more years or more of collected observations wouldn't recognize a planet conjunction for what it was. This of course presupposes the actual historicity of the event. It may be far more symbolic as a truth than historical.
I aint needin no scienterific ideas to wuz a UFO, plain & simple...they telled me so las' time I wuz abductated...(probin' bastards)
On a side not, my neighbors oxidation pond done froze over... anybody up for a lil' dirty skatin'? And Doc, I aint knowin a whole lot 'bout them Persians and their star-lookin', but they makes mighty fine rugs, so I'll buy into their sayin's.
Even back then they knew how stars and planets moved, as drlobojo, correctly states.

I don't get why this is an issue for people. Every year we hear yet another hypothesis. By my count, this is #37 during my lifetime, alone.

So much for astronomy being an exact science.
'Tis the season for hypotheses.
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