Thursday, December 18, 2008


So much for the man room

It's now a sick room for Riker. His hind end quit him, at least temporarily, and not for the first time or the last.

When I went to feed the critters this morning, he had his front end in his house and his back end out. He couldn't back out and the house is too small for him to turn around. I had to move the house off of him.

Poor critter. He's in no pain, but he was embarrassed. Later, Dr. ER got him to come to her. We took him to the doc's and he got some meds. He is now hanging out in the man room.


Poor Riker! Aw it breaks my heart. Here's hoping the meds help.
the same thing happened to my papa, Jack Loney...'cept it was cause he put on his wood choppin coveralls and didnt know they'd been colonized by a whole herd of brown reclusy spiders...but by the time he got to walkin again, the necrosinatin process had done eat up dang near his whole rear side...thus, til the day he died he was known on Loney mountain as 'no-ass loney'...we wuz gonna put that fore his epitaphinal, but the perminentin marker runned outta ink, so his headstone jus' reads Jack 'no-ass'...even in death, papas still spinnin out pearls of wisdom.

anyway, I hopes your doggy gets back some hitch in his get-along...and since'n hes in that there man room, I hopes hes not too political correct...cuz it aint nothin like gettin preached at by a dog...or bigfoot(that preachin' pc bastard!)
Dr. Bill, Dr. ER and I both laughed till we spit. Thanks. :-)
Lucky for me Riker ain't the one that eats them sittin'-ass John Deere yeller chair donuts, like you mighta noticed in this pic. Bailey's the one that loves them. He's done et three of 'em when I accidently left 'em in his presence. I ain't kiddin' and at $18.95 or so per at the Walgreens, that adds up.
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