Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Saxby Chambliss can go to hell*

We in the ER household cannot forgive how Saxby Chambliss, that son of a bitch,** treated the genuine hero Max Cleland.


Georgians, y'all have a chance to redeem y'alls' selves and further repudiate that cartoon character, Sarah Palin. Bless y'alls' hearts.


* Not meant to be a comment on the state of Sen. Chambliss's mortal soul.
** Not meant to reflect on Sen. Chambliss's mama or his actual lineage.

If he's re-elected, you can't blame me.
Chambliss won. Fine.

Georgia can join Oklahoma in suckin' political hind tit for the forseeable future.
Did Sarah Palin name him?
I found you as a result of Googling "Tater Wagons in the Sky".
My Dad always used to say that after hearing a thunder-boomer during a storm... I think he once said he picked that saying up from his grandma. WHICH grandma, I'm not sure. One was of Irish extraction (Her Daddy was born in Ireland, I think) - and I've always wondered what the origins of the saying are. You are the first I've found who referenced it.....
jdport at sandia dot net
JimD, you made my day. You, likewise, are the only person I know of outside my own immediate family who's heard or use the phrase. ... (Forgive the occasional tenor of my little place here; this is one place where I can blow off steam!)
Maybe Chambliss and Inhofe.....nope....well maybe.....naw.....at least Bellmon isn't a Senator anymore!
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