Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Rod Blagojevich: Hair today, gone tomorrow

What a shame that such great hair has to be wasted on such a sorry son-of-a-bitch.


Wouldn't it be nice if he resigned without a fight, but the more guilty they are, it seems, the more strenuously they fight.

and why the hell would anyone pull something like this? After the disturbing "perp parade" of the past few years, will the never learn that they can't get away with it forever?
As a resident of the state over which he has presided for six years may I just say, "About damn time!"

Ugh! Apparently, from the details I've been gleaning, his CoS also got booked today by Dan'O. And Blago's wife is as much of a scumbag as he is. Here's hoping they learn about federal prisons from the inside.
My girlfriend's folks are Illinois Republicans. I don't think they move much beyond bumper stickers in their thinking, but it is true that they know a crook when they see a crook.

And am I wrong in thinking -maybe Geoffrey can help with this- that this makes the second Illinois governor in a row to go away in cuffs?
Hey, read the complaint! Save time; use word search to find the sleaziest parts employing the f-word!


Heh. It ain't the Starr Report, but in its way, and since it concerns actual crimes, it's worse.
There's supposed to be a slash between acrobat and 2008 on your link.
I find it hilarious to note that it's "in violation of Title 18, United States Code,
Sections 666(a)(1)(B) and 2."

(And I find it funny as a teenage boy that my verification words were "shling" and "opeck")
Hee hee. Sorry 'bout the slash.
Must've gone to the John Edwards "Handsome Boy Modeling School"
I hear Rod's gonna resign and run for Mayor of Detroit.
He oughta just resign and run. Wait. Is he still in custody?
Oklahoma's are just sneakier, that's all, and ain't as stupid.

Oklahoma Political Behavior Manual:
For Governors And Governor's Appointees


Always cover your mouth when talking (Remember that some people can read lips).

Never discuss "family" matters over the telephone, or any electronic device.

Never use any e-mail for "family" matters.

Never commit "family" matters to writing, numbers, or records of any kind.

Never speak out loud about about "family" matters when you can whisper them.

Never whisper about "family" matters when a nod will do.

Never nod when a flick of the small finger on the right hand will do.

All "family" financial transactions will originate offshore and will go to offshore facilities.

All gratifications based in "family" concerns will be deferred until after the current principal is out of public office.

All "family" business will be OK'd by the family legal staff.

Keep all potential "family" enemies close to you and under observation.

Note and keep records of the weakness of "family" enemies.

If "family" enemies don't have weaknesses, create some for them.

Now granted this is only a partial outline of the manual, but you see the difference between the two States.
Note to Olbermann:

Perhaps it's because Olbermann used to work with Dan Patrick, that he has a hair issue?
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