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Merry Christmas Eve Eve, y'all!


Art by:

Now Rudy, that picture there is sure to get some longjohns wadded up...


Some of the Puritanators religionacated our 'clan' back 'fore the civilized war, so as we aint never had no xmas celebratorials(though we recognize the monumentalized signifier of the advent), but that dont mean I cant put one of them giant blowed up glowin snowmen on my roof...that is'n if BF dont steal it(giant blowed up glowin snowman thievin' b**tard!)

...figure I'll start policin up my typicals, jus' n case the lil'uns might be readin on the webbernet
I have not had this much fun jackin' with a sanctimonious blowhard know-it-all in, like, ever!

The learning moment is this: If the SCV gets over its late brush with neo-secessionism, they'll liabl;e get me back percisely because of peeps like Mr. Feodor.

The thing is, the bonehead don't know when he's doin' more harm than good for his cause, such as it is. It's like every pinch-nosed Sunday school teacher who scolded me about (fill in the blank) is the main reason I'm so into (fill in the blank) now.
"Ready, boys. Wait for my signal. Aim well and careful, we have the advantage of surprise...

When I scratch and regression happens, it's the only good that really can be done.

You ever hear, in Sunday School, the explanation that gets God off the hook for the following bible verse?

"God hardened Pharaoh's heart."
the coronater said it was cracklins & bacon that hardened up my papa's heart...and bigfoot!(arterioslerocinatin' b**tard!)
Felice Navidad! From my neck of the woods.


Very cool, Feodor.

I especially like the one from Yale Divinity Pecan Log School. Srsly. I love seein' all them differently hued faces, which usually represent differently understood world views. Where I lived in Wichita Falls was a veritable mixed-meat stew compared to the white-bread neighborhood I live in now north of OKC.
The differently hued and orientatedness of it, in fact, and it's Y'all ALL Come attitude, are the main reasons I jined up with a local and liberal congregation of the United Church of Christ.
UCC is big at Yale, at least by legacy, and there were certainly many, many UCC students when I was there.

The once state-religion Congregational Church was the founding ethos of Yale and lives in its chapels, like Marquand, the chapel of the Div School. As you know, it merged with the other three denominations to make the UCC back in the day.

You and old Yale, and the Div School still, are of a piece.

We are all tied.
Yessir, and some of us can stand it better than others.
Being tied, elliptical comments should be clarified.

And you mean what exactly?

For myself, I take "tied" to be an active thing not a passive one. Especially since we have tied new things together with new string. It ups the ethical standard of paying attention to each other.

Tied together as in a household (as opposed to the sentimental "family") means someone should say something when the dirty laundry is left unwashed.
It means I can stand you better than you can stand me.

My laundry is clean is as a whistle, man.

Maybe I thought you said "tired." Speakin' for myself, I'm pretty tired of your mouth. You can't take a damn kind word without preachin' at me.

It ain't regression. It's revival. DrLobo, talk me down before I fly that goddamned (not in vain) flag from the front of my house.

By GOD, sir, you are foolin' with fire and you don't have a clue.

I see what the main thing is with ya, brother. If you have been, or are now enrolled in, Yale Divinity School, why, you've been, or are bein' educated beyond yer intelligence.

And that ain't no slap at Yale. Think on that.
And with that, I draw in my buttons, strap duct tape over 'em and hunker down.

Punch away, Feodor!
Merry christmas ER
Christmas time makes me all nostalgic. Since tomorrow and Thursday will be light-to-non-existent blogging days (I might hang around a bit for thises and thats), I think I'm just going to try and find something fun to do today. The world is still an effed-up mess, and we can't do much about it this week anyway.
Enjoy the last sliver of Advent, all. Contemplate your mortality, or whatever sober and somber thing we're supposed to do during Advent.

(I kid. Advent is one of my favorite parts of the church calendar. I know that's a pretty high-church for a low-church Presbyterian, but we share a church building with an Episcopal church, and I think they put something in the incense that makes one desire to observe things like Childermas and Candlemas, etc.)

Oh, and Merry Christmas!
I am fine standing with you, much less standing you. "Prick" didn't enter my vocabulary.

I don't take battling away about moral refinement to be a comment on quality of soul. It takes quality of soul to have a back and forth, and a rigorous back and forth requires tough souls who are ready for work. I haven't descended to name calling. I have questioned in short hand ways what is being said and particularly what I think is being elided because of the blinders of who we are as white people.

Yours is a tough soul. But your blog is not the place you choose to do this kind of work, or so you have said to me. More precipitated than edited.

We are in the household together. I like that. But I grew up to want my black eyed peas and cornbread with vigorous discussion - after the Cowboys game.

I can stand you, ER, and I can stand with you. Pierced but risen, both of us. In my tradition we hold our pierced hands out in the orans position. Perhaps that is a scandal in yours.

Yale was a while ago, as I mentioned to GKS. And it is far from my only education.
And to you, Billy.

GKS: I've had ostrich several times. Done right, such as fajitas, you can't tell it from beef.

Alan: I like the smells and bells, too, mainly 'cause I was denied 'em as a chile.
I dont mean to be policin, but Feodor, it sounds like yous gettin kinda sweet & courty with Rudy... you might be dead treein', cause Im thinkin Rudy is married...to a woman...besides, if your hands all tored up like you said, you might oughtta put a poltice on it... holden on peoples hands is gonna spread the staffer infection... when it gets scabbed over, then you can commence with your flirtinizin...trust me, Im a docter.
Nice painting. Which defeat does it commemorate?
The prolonged death of the Myth of the Lost Cause, I reckon.
Course Rudy, them fellers could be conversating like this:

Captain: "Hey fellers, since we's about to freeze to death & all we had to eat for a week is a third of a gopher and some greasy horse(O'BWAT reference), why dont we just splain to them northies that poor devils like us dont own no slaves & we aint had much of a choice in this...if we do, surely they wont shoot us anyway & burn down our houses, & surely we wont be remembered by most as illiterate racist rednecks, & surely our descendants wont get incessantly villified if they ever take a mind to remember us, or keep a simple momento such as our flag, & surely said descendants wont have to get migraines trying to explain how their sympathies towards us are not equivocal to subconscious white supremacy tendencies, & surely these issues wont be purposely & unjustly inflamed if they ever invent something like an internet, & surely if they ever invent something like a tv, surely we can at least have a show that has a car, if they ever invent something like that too, that in some small way references us."

Private: "Captain, you might be right, or you might be wrong, but whatever the case, quit calling me Shirley"
I 'spect they might coulda been, at that. :-)
I do admire Kunstler's work, and have a number of his pictures on cards, calenders, and in books.
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