Sunday, December 28, 2008


John Henry Faulk's 'Christmas Story' 'n stuff

The great Texan John Henry Faulk's "Christmas Story," via NPR.

PRAYER OF CONFESSION today at my wide-open, open-and-affirming, crazy lefty grace-dripping church:

"Lord of Life, we are fellow journeyers on this path of life. Sometimes the way is clear and unmistakable. Other times it is cloaked in uncertainty and doubt and we search for someone to light our way. ... (some more purdy but wordy words) ... give us the strength to turn and fix our eyes on the present and our hearts on the future ... (a few more a mite airish words) ... with your guidance and with your light, knowing that it can show us the path that leads to restoration, redemption and reconciliation."

Amen. And, well, not everbody is John Henry Faulk. :-)

P.S. A good friend of mine once told me the ER Roadhouse, with all it's Christians of every kinda stripe, deists, doubters, plain-Jane atheists and cantankerous sorts, sometimes reminded him of the way the church in Corinth comes across.

I'll take that.

And I'll offer this, today's off-the-lectionary Scripture Reading:

1 Corinthians 1: 4-8.

Amen and amen -- and oh, my!


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