Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I commend this madness: Thy kingdom come! Let us, all of us, learn from our ancient and discredited dreams! Merry Christmas Eve!

Sermon from the Third Sunday of Advent 2007, by the Rev. Dayle Casey, The Chapel of Our Saviour, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Bless y'all and all!


And to you, Dr. ER, your red-headed step child, Bird, and her Yankee (By-God) Betrothed. Remember, he must love her because he lives in Texas with her.
right back atcha!!

an since its xmas eve, maybe it ought not be any cantankernatin' today...'less you aint again' it... I could go either way
No, actually, Dr. Bill, I'm all for that "Love Came Down At Christmas" stuff, at least for one day.
Make it two days. Then we'll see! :-)
Yule to you too.
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