Friday, December 12, 2008


'Everybody is a little bit gay'

In light of the previous post, comedian Ron White, late of Fritch, Texas:

Happy happy Friday, y'all!


Man. Tough crowd.
You didn't provide the scotch.
Somebody who knows how to use the keyboard to do so, get Feodor a drink!

I'm fixin' to go have a real one -- a scotch -- at a work-holiday thing. Dr. ER detests the smell of scotch and I deny myself my Dewar's-rocks-squeeze-of-lemon. Not tonight! She ain't back from Arkansaw in time to go.

Y'all have fun, and please try to keep the grotesque sex imagery to a minimum, 'K?
Well, at least by half. Just don't tell my mother.
*snort* funny clip.
Too funny!

BTW, your word verification is getting all sounthran on me - "macon" are the letters today. Puts me in the mood for the Allman Brothers Band.
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