Monday, December 15, 2008



That is all.


May the angels of God watch over you;
May the prayers of our lady Mary and all the saints
surround and support you;
May our Lord Jesus Christ in the most holy sacrament
of the altar give you strength;
And the blessing of God almighty,
the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
be upon you and remain with you always. Amen.
But it's Cold! And you've been adopted by not one, but two cats! And someone threw shoes at Bush!

There's always something to un-blah a person. For example: I can see Guthrie from my office! :-D
Feodor, I'll take it! Thanks.

Kirsten: Thanks, I needed that! Especially that Palinesque Guthrie crack! Hoot. :-)
Uh Oh! Sorry to hear that! I hope you feel better soon, whatver it is.
Well, Guthrie isn't nearly as exciting as Russia, but they do have a long-standing beef with OKC due to the unstandard method of removal of the state capitol lo those many years ago.
Yep. ... Hey, you might could see my house from yer office! It's the one with the corgicicle and the "special"-weenie-dogcicle in the back yard.

Oh, quitcher cryin', ER. I'll give ya cold, feller. And I've fought through bein' damn tired -- see 14-day-old daughter -- and damn cold to get a lot of work done.

What I need is for my back to quit hurting, and then I need some physical labor to do outside in the weather. I've got a bad case of sit-on-my-assitis, I think.

Dang white-collar jobs. It's ain't fricking fittin' for a natural born redneck.

In another venue, I was telllin' Teditor that the wx warn't so bad, really, since I didn't have go break ice for any cowcritters. Just my domestic backyard livestock.

The secret truth is I'd love to have to go break ice or dump cake off a tailgate or toss out salt blocks ...

Nothin' cirks me up like physical labopr (when my ^*^%$ back lets me), and the smell of cows and feed. ...

If you is hankerin for the smell of cows and feed, come on over to one of'r family reunionz...and we aint even got cows!

Course, that might aint a good idea...bein's the ongoin' feud tween the Loneys and Rednecks. Now I been talkin to some how the Rednecks mightn't be all that bad, but now theys startin to give ME the evil Loney eye...the kind they give 'fore someone get a pole-ride chivying(if yall aint knowin what that is, watch O' Brother Where Art Thou, the bes movie ever wuz made)

SIG: Hot Toddy, (Doc's Version- Orange Pekoe Tea, Brandy, Lemon, and Honey)

Take, By Mouth, One Toddy, STAT, and repeat as needed Q2hours, or until better.

Disp: QS for 6 Toddies X 3 Refills (in case sharing is needed.)

May Be Taken With or Without Food
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