Monday, December 29, 2008


The bile tells me so

Lord help these people!

Would YOU want to be known as a "top Christian" in light of what Someone said about the first and the last?

The bile that prompted this post.


The "bile" make me feel more kindly toward Rick Warren, I will say that about it.
I think it's funny that Warren can't catch a break. The absolutists among the fundies consider him a traitor to the cause; we on the left think he's just Pat Robertson with a bit more pudge and a chin mullet.

As far as "top Christian" is concerned, I am reminded of Nietzsche's comment (inaccurate historically, but I think enlightening nevertheless) that there was only ever one true Christian and he died on the cross.
Unbelievable. A photo of Obama labeled "God's enemy"? Definitely does make Rick Warren look a whole lot better in comparison.
All I know about Rick Warren is that a friend of mine gave me his "Purpose Driven Life" and I couldn't get through, for yea and verily, it doth suck, and I know why some people call it Purpose Driven Drivel. Milk for the masses maybe.
I love the bile that prompted this post.

Anything that fosters a greater split between rational, reasonable moderate Republicans and the far right wing nutjobs is OK by me.
Well, there *is* that.
Personally, I think that Obama should cozy up to even more hate-mongers than just Rick Warren.

It's the kiss of death. They'd be eating their own in no time.

Is there any sort of job that he could get Rev. Lively or Rev. Hutcherson to do?
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