Wednesday, December 31, 2008


'Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances'

Now *that's* a resolution.

Today's devotion by the Rev. Dr. Jo Hudson, pastor of that big ol' happy and gay church in Dallas, the Cathedral of Hope, still-new congregation of my brothers and sisters in the United Church of Christ.

Happy New Year's Eve, y'all.


Man, this place is boring with all the fundies ran off. Sigh.
:) I'm rather happy about it, actually.

Maybe it's their New Years resolution. If so, I wholeheartedly support it. LOL
Kind of like the way heaven will be.

Happy New Year. Be safe tonight. Me? I gotta WORK, so the only threat to my life will be imbeciles who think it's fun to run around on New Year's Eve, rather than get drunk, throw up, and pass out in a strange house like everyone else.
Dr. ER and I are going to a wedding tonight! A nice Catholic wedding followed by a nice Catholic reception! :-)

BTW, Geoffrey and Feodor, I see y'all over there tanglin' with the 'Merican Descenders. I'm just not up to their low level of middlin' faux intellect lately.
Since they haven't been following President Jefferson's quip on "eternal vigilance", and as the entire site is a sink of ignorance, bigotry, and just plain, old-fashioned stupidity, I have given up even making fun of them. They are the definition of self-parody.

Enjoy the New Year's festivities, and remember those of us who are enjoying the coming of 2009 by earning what most would refuse to call a living.
:-( Dang it. The wedding is off -- I mean, our going to it. Dr. ER is sick and no way am I leavin' her alone on New Year's Eve.
I'm just sittin here eating olives stuffed with garlic wishing I had one of them there olive spoons. I guess I need to decide whether or not to celebrate the new years with some straight corn hooch or be sophisticated and have some Jack Daniels. Of course about midnight I'll walk out on the front porch and watch the fireworks they will have downtown for about 30 seconds.

But I have yet to decide what the hell to do with that leap second they got going tonight. I wonder, will the last minute of 2008 be 61 seconds long or will they stutter for one second before they start counting for 2009. And how do you re-set an atomic clock? Do you tell the isotopes to slow down a mite or do you put a magnet near by it or what?
We used to call a long-distance phone number to the atomic clock keepers, in fifth grade, to get the correct time. Often. We were total science geeks!
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