Friday, November 07, 2008


'Who Will Be Eaten First?'



(Hat tip to Jack Chick and Dan, who saw it, thought of me and passed it along. What are brothers in Christ for?!)

The awesomeness of that is so awesome, I am awe-struck.

It's like an anti-Chick tract.

I will be laughing about that for days.

My favorite frame is the one with the guy who says, "Be eaten first? What the f--- kind of advantage is that?"
Ah yes, the gospel according to H.P. Lovecraft...the subject of many hours of misspent youth...
Jeez, I never had to run to the bathroom reading a blog before! That's wicked funny!
Hoo hoo hee hee. It *is* wicked funny!
BTW, Doc, you should know this, bein' a doc, but that runnin' to the bathroom laughin' just gets more frequent as ya get older! :-)
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