Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Would somebody just pull the sheet over McCain's campaign and put the tag on its toe? Please? For all of our sakes?



Poor Sen. McCain. He shoulda quit while he was ahead. And, I really do, sort of, feel sorry for the poor lil righties, the ones who are left clingin' to the poor, pitiful threads of their hopes and dreams -- as nuts as they are.

Srly. I want a good fight.

McCain is comin' across like a fake Reaganite with Tourette's.
I don't really think McCain's a liar. I think he's deluded himself to the point of irrelevance.
Is Joe the Plumber a cousin of Joe Six-Pack?
Maybe Joe Sixpack is a plumber? Who knew?
Obama: More rope-a-dope.

Smart, I think.

Obama don't need to win big. Obama just gotta win.

Whatever points McCain "won," Obama can afford 'em.

Both candidates looked older. That benefited only one of them.
All I know is that Joe the Plumber deals with enough crap in his day-to-day than to have to worry about the gov'ment's involvement or effect on his business.
Joe the Plumber make $278,000 a year. Poor Joe. Poor poor Joe. How the crap does a plumber charge$1,122 per day? Dang! Flush me dry and rooter my... I sure waisted my life in public service.
Does this mean I do not have to worry about Palin getting into office?

Lee, one thought RFK. One never knows.
Lee, stranger things have happened. I won't relax until the votes are counted, probably sometime in fricking December!

Poor ol' Joe the Plumber, I'll bet, benefits GREATLY from the gubment he says he don't want messin' in his bidness.
I'm wore plumb out now. Y'all feel free to cuss and discuss the debate.
You shouldn't make fun of Tourette's, you might catch it.
On my blog I suggested that all tetherballs should be henceforth known as "Joe the Plumber"...because only they get batted around and around like poor Joe did tonight...
...I also suggested to Joe that if nobody else knew his identity, he should keep it a secret, because being the subject of that much pity and pandering might require him to turn in his "man card" if his identity became known.
Joe the Plumber makes as much in a day as I make in a month.
Oh, and McCain wanted 10 more of those things?

3 was 3 too many.
I don't think McCain realized that what he was saying to most people was:

"Feel sorry for Joe. Poor Joe only makes thirty times more than you do, and he wants that tax cut so that he can hire one or two of you to pay the crappy wages that he used to make and dreamed of escaping and make more money for himself.

Now, you may want to take the opportunity of Obama's tax cuts and incentives and start a business so you can work for yourself and make the full amount off of your own labors, but Joe needs that money more than you, so he can grow crappy jobs for you to have.

Vote for me,and I'll make sure that Joe can hire you to work a crappy low-paid job like the one he dreamed of getting out of so long ago."
Nineteen days. That's all that's left. Nineteen days, plus the lag until January 20, when we can finally usher George W. Bush out the door, hoping it hits his ass on the way out. Hard.

I don't feel sorry for Sen. Grumplestiltskin, to be honest. Like every other major party candidate for President in our nation's history, whether Federalist, Democrat-Republican, Whig, Republican, Democrat, McCain had his chance, ran the campaign the way he and his advisers thought best, and was blown out of the water by a combination of personality, a really lousy VP pick, a shoddy campaign apparatus, circumstances, and his opponent. Some of these things he could fix, and some could not. Had he a different personality, and made different campaign choices, he might have been able to neutralize the way the other things effected his campaign. Alas, he did not and probably could not.

I do believe we are on the brink of history, ladies and gentlemen. Please prepare accordingly.
We can agree on politics. We can argue politics. At the end of the day, most of us can still respect each other. However, your headline is just mean-spirited and offensive, no matter which side one is on.
I thought it was funny. If McCain were dead or even ill, then it would probably be in bad taste. But his campaign for president is (I hope) if not dead, at least on life-support, which is why it's amusing.

"Stick a fork in him, he's done", does not actually mean that McCain is a turkey, nor that he's to be cooked at 350F until golden brown and delicious, nor should it be construed as to be offensive to turkeys.

One person's offensive & mean-spirited, is another person's humor. We don't all draw that line in the same place. Frankly, I think there are very few topics that are off limits for comedy. But then, I have a thick skin for humor directed at myself, too, as long as it's actually clever. Stupid humor should be roundly mocked at all times.

Now if ER had posted a story about Dick Cheney's current heart problems, and had a headline that expressed surprise that Dick Cheney actually has a heart, that would be mean-spirited. Though when, hopefully, Cheney comes out of it successfully and is in no danger, it might move from mean-spirited to funny.

It's subjective.
Mean-spirited? Now if ER had said "put a white sheet..."

Hyperbole. Satire. Ugh.

I agree with Geoffrey to get ready for history. I think we should look at the significance of this election and, hopefully, feel pride in our great country and what this will mean from a cultural perspective.

I still think a close vote is coming: 3-4 percentage points and a few states shift from the 04 election only.

I'm suprised MSNBC hasn't started using the word "mandate."

"Senator past" is Obama, BTW as he will likely be President. That leaves McCain as "senator future. "I don't think it will be too long before Obama looks to McCain to help out with trying to get some additional support in the Senate. And I think he's going to need it, as full majorities tend to cannibalize.
"Hateful?" ER! Did you say "kill him!" or "Chop off his head!" while I wasn't watching?

Oh, I forgot, that's not hateful, that's just rightous anger.

Now, observing that someone has lost energy and vitality and drive to the point of appearing diseased and making a joke about THATs hateful...

"two America's" hell there are two completely spererat REALITIES...sigh
Re, "However, your headline is just mean-spirited and offensive, no matter which side one is on."

Hmm. Well, I meant the McCain campaign. I'll fix.

'Cause if I'm gonna be mean and offensive, I want to do it on purpose, and I didn't mean to be mean.
"I do believe we are on the brink of history, ladies and gentlemen. Please prepare accordingly."

GKS is right on. The last 8 years have fit the "Forth Turnings" predicted historical sequence. As I said elsewhere this is the Change of Times.

Trouble is that this is also the most dangerous point in the change.
We can still do the wrong thing. The only thing for sure is that the way of things from the past 30 years will not soon be repeated.

The Republicans will eat their own now or foment a civil war. Either way there will be no McCain after this. Nor will Palen be seen anymore either except on the Court TV Channel. Their season is over, they bore no fruit, they are cursed.

And Poor Joe Six-Pack Plumber will draw the enmity of his customers, co-workers, boss, and neighbors simply because he is exposed as greedy.

The desirable attributes of the 80s-90s-00s will soon become the bad behavior of the the 10s &20s.

Don't get me wrong this is not Obama's season, but he will fit in to it and lead in the direction the season is going already.

The Change of Days is at hand.
How to prepare?
Check out that chapter in the book of the 4th turning.
GALLUP's 'traditional' likely voter model shows Obama with a two-point advantage over McCain on Thursday, 49% to 47%, this is within poll's margin of error... Developing...

Isn't it a shame the pollsters can't control the ballot box? Sen. Obama, oh yoo hoo, Sen. Obama, New Hampshire is on the phone for you!

- Your Republican friend.
And, the most sophisticated statistical site on the web has Obama with a 52% advantage over McCain in the popular vote, and a 352 vote electoral count. The gallup numbers are questionable.

But what really matters is the election on Nov. 4th. And I hope that, regardless of who wins then, the loyal opposition will do their job. And if Obama wins, and they think the Democrats have not done their job as the loyal opposition over the last 8 years, then I hope they can suck it up and do better, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous.

For more information on the recent polls, see:
AnonX: "GALLUP's 'traditional' likely voter model shows Obama with a two-point advantage over McCain on Thursday, 49% to 47%, this is within poll's margin of error..."

Surely you don't mean the guy with the most votes wins? I thought we did away with that myth in 2000.
Alan, you said, "Joe the Plumber makes as much in a day as I make in a month."

That would mean you are a very young, unskilled, worker just starting out in a career. If not, then you need to get some training. Or for that matter, just perform better - get off your ass.

I can guarantee you that Joe the Plumber is busting his butt nearly every day of every week.
Mark, watch your mouth.
Well, it's not your mouth. Your condescension. You've demonstrated absolutely no basis for ever looking down on anyone. So don't.
Hey, um, Joe's not actually a plumber, or hadn't you heard? And he's a lawbreaker.

A perfect poster boy for the GOP, in other words.
Actually, Mark, I'm a graduate student, I work about 80 hours a week minimum, more like 100 hours most weeks, on a dual PhD in chemistry and education. In my spare time (yeah right) I volunteer several hours a week in the community with at-risk youth, and I'm very involved in my church.

Is that "off my ass" enough for you? BTW, old man, I already have a Dad, and while he has more than earned the right to talk to me anyway he pleases, you haven't. So you can mind your own frakin' business.

And yet, I still make more now (if one includes my current tuition reimbursement) than I did as a High School Chemistry teacher & Science Department Chair, with a bachelors and two masters degrees in my field.

And unlike Joe the Plumber (who's name isn't even Joe) I still manage to pay my taxes. ;)

"I can guarantee you that Joe the Plumber is busting his butt nearly every day of every week."

You know Joe, do you? That's odd, because his name isn't even Joe. So no, Mark, you can't actually guarantee anything about him.

So I still think, at over $1000 a day, ol' Joe is doing quite well for himself! Good for him! I don't begrudge him a penny. But at the same time, I don't feel too sorry for him, except for the bad press he's getting now some of which is his fault, most of which is McCain's.

Now we're finding out that, of course, almost none of what McCain said about Ol' Joe (actually his name is Sam) was actually true. Fortunately for him, it looks like he'll get some hefty tax relief under the Obama Administration.
Oh, man. That did it. You mentioned ed-a-mu-cayshun. If this Mark is the regular ol' Mark, he don't cotton to nobody what's got any certifiable smarts, ya see.
Ok, Alan. I apologize for the "get off your ass" comment. It was definitely out of line.

I mistook you for a somewhat typical teenager/college student who wanted all the benefits without putting in the time to earn them. My mistake, I am sorry.

My point about "Joe" (Sam) busting his butt was to focused on one persone. The point I was trying to make is that business owners in general, especially in that type of business, work very hard to earn their dollars.

I hope that clears the air a little. I applaud all you do, Alan. You are definitely not part of the "gimme" crowd.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mistaking me for a teenager/college student almost makes up for it, Mark.

I'm 36 years old.

I wish I could say it's the clean livin' that accounts for my youthful appearance, but I've already commented on this blog often enough about my martini consumption, so that would clearly be a lie. So I'll just have to give credit to the liberal application each morning of Oil of Delay. Well, that and that painting in the attic. And essence of Gelfling.

(that last one was for Teresa, who, if she's lurking about, may be the only one to get the reference without Googling it.) :)
Alan, you're a hoot!

Yes, I got the Dorian Grey referance as well as the Dark chrystal one.

Jese, the Chamberlin still weirds me out.

Also, sorry about Mark there, he came from my blog...I just had to share him, I guess. His bark is worse than his bite.
Peace! Please make peace!

(also for Teresa.) :)

One of my all-time favorite movies, BTW.
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