Saturday, October 11, 2008


Why God gave us fall Saturdays




OU SUCKS! (Really, off field).

That is all.


What a waste of days.
You are such a grump about football!

Horns hooked 'em! Bwa-ahaha. That's just almost as good as an Oklahoma State win!
ER said: "You are such a grump about football!"

Not so, Not so!
I am a GRUMP about all Sports and "Sports" fans.
Bread and Circus, training for the mob's mindleness it is.
The transfer is so easy if you are used to it.
Well, I see it the exact opposite way: Organized sports channel tribal instincts and provide a safety valve.

Hey, if I can boo the Sooners and scream my head off at the Longhorn's triumph, maybe I won't drive over my neighbor's grove of McPain signs one more day.

Be interesting to see if person-on-person violence has gone up in Oklahoma counties where cockfighting was biggest, now that it's illegal.

WTH is a redneck supposed to do if he can't bet on fightin' roosters? I'll tell ya: whup on his kids and his wife, and get in fistfights at the local country tavern.

All of of us are so very just barely civilized. We gotta have safety valves.
So right after the game is over, your adrenaline high comes down and all is calm?

I was in Boston in 1967 on the day that the Red Sox won the World Series. So no, based on my observations at Norman, and Boston,and other such events. That's not the way it works.

Also see Elmer Gantry or Marjo Gortner for a "religious" example.

Adrenaline must be fed with adrenalin. There is never enough, it is an addiction.

An exception might be for us old farts who after 30 minutes of adrenalin are ready for a nap. But you're not there yet. Are you?
Grump, grump, grump grump..........
P.S. Have you ever read what happened after a Meso-American ball game?
Well, I guess I'm thinking of TV sports. You are right about post-game mania, especially in certain venues.

Nt saying Stillwater is filled with saints, but I will never, ever go to a game at OU again. I saw the sickest meanest s--t I have ever seen anywhere -- and i was at Texas Motor Speedway when that girl racer, Shawna Robinson, took out Dale Jr.
Dr. Lobo finds sports a waste. That's OK, I find science fiction a total waste of humanity. Why waste time reading and watching such dribble?

Truth is, it's just not my cup o' tea, but it is the good doctor's. And the good doc's cursing what I consider a wonderful day of all that is man stands as a slap in my face. It is, truly, a slap in any sports' fans face, just because we like sports.

So sports isn't his cup o' tea. That doesn't mean it's a waste of days. It just would be for him.

No need to blast me about the head, doc. Just go back to watching the Sci-Fi channel and let me enjoy my football, this week, and my rodeo in two weeks.
Now rodeo and bull fighting are above "sports". They are a whole nother story. Got nothing but respect for those guys.
OSU sails!

ou fails!

Finest college football day in the ER household in a long time. Awesome.
Bah, humbug!
DRLOBOJO: "Now rodeo and bull fighting are above 'sports'. They are a whole nother story. Got nothing but respect for those guys."

Rodeo is not above sports. It IS a sport. It takes tremendous athleticism, heart and passion to be an NFL running back or a clean-up hitter or a power forward or a bronc rider.

I absolutely LOVE sports, so much so that when I worked in the sports departments of newspapers, it was more of a job and took the fun out of being a sports fan.

I PLAYED college football, and if I'd had the ability and the size, I would have given my left leg to play in the NFL. Again, I say, to dismiss my passion as a waste is a slap in my face.

Now I don't agree with NASCAR, and I kid ER about liking them fellers who drive fast, turn left, drive fast, turn left. But I don't dismiss his passion. I don't understand your passion for science fiction, but I don't dismiss it.

I also don't care for soccer, by my loving, beautiful 6-year-old daughter adores the sport and is, as a young novice, quite good. As long as she's enjoying it, who am I to be a killjoy?

My hope with our children is that we will expose them to as many things as possible so they can choose for themselves what they will like. Soccer sucks, in my mind, but she loves it.

But if I were as closed-minded about sci-fi as you are about sports, then I am closing the doors to something that might be something important to my little girl. That's not fair to her.

And, in essence, it's not fair to me, either.
Teditor, whatever scab DrLobo has pulled, he didn't cause the wound. You're way too offended considering the non-offense of Drlobo's grumpiness.

I'm sure he has his own personal reasons for his dislike, and you do for your like, of sports -- and they probably have to do with the funding of college sports and the imbalance with academics at major institutions. Maybe no.

But, bottom line: No one slapped your personal face.
Re, "rodeo and bull fighting are above 'sports'. They are a whole nother story. Got nothing but respect for those guys."

Didja get that, Teditor? "Nothing but respect ..."

OH ... I see. THAT explains everything.

I'm sure he has his reasons. I respect Dr. Lobo. I, no doubt, believe he respects me. And it's because of my respect for him that I do not badmouth something he holds dear.

I was offended. Not sure why I can't be offended. But if that's the case, I'm sorry for bein' offended on your blog, ER.
Well, fer crying out loud.

Dude, you can be offended all you like. And you can express it all you like here.

But I'm a gonna express my observation that thou doth prtest too much. That's all.

What nt he world is the real burr under yer saddle? If he'da said, "Sport suck, and sports fans suck, and especially Teditor," why, he'da called you out. But he ddn't call you out, and yer takin' it personal anyway.

So, why? There's plenty of things said in this joint to offend everyone who comes around. But until somebody makes it personal, why take it personal?
Lordy. Doc, you lurkin'? I invite you to weigh in, as a perfessional, on what's goin' on here. DrLobo spat out a cantankerous opinion, and Teditor has used it to open a whole dang can of personal worms, the way I see it.

Sigh. I do it myself sometimes. Take broad gripes and mistakenly believe they're directed at my personal self. So, I'm outta this thread, too.

That makes two threads I've washed my hands of in one afternoon. :-) Life's too short to go round and round about every minor perceived slight.
Hell Teditor I didn't even know that Texas and Oklahoma we playing yesterday. That's how much "sports" mean to me. It is just my raisin and temperament. Hell my youngest brother was a football star, coach JH & HS, and Friday night HS game announcer with his own Saturday morning radio sports call in show for years and years. Maybe he got all that sports DNA that I should got.(Psycho analytic that)

Now take it easy on that anti-Sci-Fi stuff or I'll send a Jedi team out there to get you. I'll put Yoda up against your lineman any day.

Now ER, you can be sure that it WAS my intention to irritate you;)
Well, that goes without saying!
That's the one with the brown oblong ball, right? Or is that the one with the small white one? I can never keep those things straight. :)
You peeps drive me wack! :-)

Woo hoo! GO POKES! Oklahoma State! Yippee!
Allen inquired:"That's the one with the brown oblong ball, right?"
Yep, that's right the one made out of horse hide.
OK, so I might've been a might thin in regard to the slight. Can't deny it.

But here's the comment that sent me over the edge, as it were: "I am a GRUMP about all Sports and 'Sports' fans."

Now the great Doctor has a right to his opinion of sports, but, in fact, he did call "me" out since I am a sports fan.

Said, "Bread and Circus, training for mob's mindleness it is."

Caught me wrong, primarily because we all have our "outlets" for release. Mine happens to be sports. ER's happens to be racin', which, if you listen to him, is a sport (smile, I'm jiss kiddin', ER.), my dad's is watching Jeopardy, my mom's was crochet, Dr. Lobo's is science fiction.

I was flustered that my outlet was "training for the mob's mindleness ..." I let it interrupt an otherwise terrific day. Anytime OU loses is a great day ('cause OU fans cry). Anytime Texas wins is a great day ('cause OU fans cry). ER's Pokes won, and my Wildcats won. Heck, the Chiefs didn't lose (bye week), so for me the sports fan, it was pretty nice.


Apologies to the great doctor, whom I admire and respect, though I've never met. Hell, you keep ER in his place (and me, for that matter), so what's not to like.

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