Saturday, October 25, 2008


Squeaky, the Texas cowpig -- and GO POKES!

The video below is a hoot! Reminds me that I love Texas!

But today, the university of texas shorthorns, ranked no. 1, whatev, blah, blah, are gonna deal with the Cowboys of Oklahoma State.

Colt, meet Zac.


And watch this great story!


Great game.
Go Squeaky!! Yay pig!
Welcome, Skye.

GP: Heh-heh. Made y'all work for it. Now: Whup that sissy in the mask and frilly cape, 'k?

Trixie: Snortsnortgruntgrunt. Idn't that an amazin' pigcritter? :-)
OSU is very good. They may not lose another one.
What a cool pig. Love the way she's trained humans to bring her pizza and Dr. Pepper.
Pigs're smart critters.
I told my son you'd be all over that game with it being OK and TX, and he tried to tell me that OSU were the Buckeyes!

I said, "No, I've been reading Redneck's blog for (how many years??) now, and I guarantee that OSU are the 'Pokes!"

Sigh. Ohio State gets all the press! :-)
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