Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Senator Obama's 30 minutes

What did you think?

What did you feel?


It could have been Obama or it could have been the endorphins from the running I did while the program was on, but I thought it was really well done.

(my word verification was proffet. I kinda like that.)
Awfully Presidential for a terrorist supporting anti-Israel pro-Palastinian Muslem Arab anti-Christian ultra liberal colored guy!
Still watching it on You Tube...had to take the little guy in to get checked for strep (came back negative)

thank goodness for Your Tube...but it is slow.

Im' going to go with : "I like it. I agree, generally."


"Obama's not the Messiah...but I'm voting for him anyway"...heh a friend of mine created that group on Facebook, and I really like it.
Yay for the little guy!
I would much rather hear an Obama infomercial than that Billy Mays guy, or whatever his name is.

I was a little disappointed, however, because I was hoping to buy a ShamWow with an Obama logo on it.
Do what? Bill who? Sham-wha? ... Is this one of those instances where yer yankee English and my redneckese miss each other? Huh?
Nope, you've just been lucky enough to miss those awful infomercials I guess. Billy Mays (I think that's his name) is some be-bearded ,annoying guy who yells at you during infomercials to buy OxyClean products. A "ShamWow" is another infomercial product that is supposed to be a revolutionary German made (natch) chamois that absorbs I think about 10 billion times its weight in water.

Thank gods for TiVo.

You know, the jokes just aren't as funny if you have to s'plain 'em. :)
So sorry. I should watch more infomercials! That's the message I'm gettin'. :-)
No, you shouldn't. I only watch them when there's no buffer left on the TiVo. Except for the bad cooking gadgets because they're a riot. Like the woman who can't make spaghetti? Hilarious.
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