Thursday, October 30, 2008


'Satan-Biden 2008' Hoo boy!

After a week off from TV election "news" and commentary, and avoiding (mostly) the right-wing freakazoid lunatic fringe, I jumped back after watching Sen. Obama's 30 minutes last night.

They're losin' it over there -- losin' whatever frail grasp they ever had on reality.

Neil spreads plain old manure, "in Jesus's name," of course. (Be sure to click on "Spiked! Stories the media is sitting on until after the election."

EL promotes "Satan-Biden 2008." This is Blowhardery cubed.

EL incites violence against Sen. Obama by repeatedly calling him a "murderer" -- and I hope the Secret Service is monitoring him. And I'm not kidding. If it's not criminal to say stuff like that, and keep saying it, then it should be -- because in the current climate, it definitely is shouting fire in a theater, and EL should be ashamed.

Mark's place is a veritable salad bar of inanity, more so than usual. Several recent posts. I'm tellin' they're gettin' plumb hysterical.


I've been amazed at just how bat-sh*t crazy some folks are getting about this election.

Now, to be fair, I've seen plenty of us liberals go a little crazy regarding the Shrub, on occasion. The difference is that we (in general) don't have guns.

But to get this worked up about McCain, who they hate anyway?! Epic fail.

Some of those folks appear to be, if not yet actually deranged and honestly a real danger to others, then certainly on their way. Thank gods they live far, far from me. (An observation that I have no doubt would, alas, please them immensely.)

(However, the Satan/Biden thing isn't that bad. The real problem is that it just isn't funny. Honestly, I think they're not even trying anymore. That's the problem with the fundie fringe ... they literally have zero sense of humor. Now the "Geezer/Dingbat" signs done up like McCain/Palin signs are funny because they play on actual characteristics of the people they're lampooning. Calling Palin, "Caribou Barbie" is friggin' hilarious, again, because it actually refers to her attributes. But Satan? Meh. It just doesn't bring the funny.

How about Jughead? Jughead/Biden might be funny. Jughead/Blockhead? Or how about something like, "Messiah/Buffoon" See, that's playing on jokes that are already made about Obama/Biden. The Satan thing isn't offensive ... well it's an offense to those of us that appreciate clever humor, but only because it's just so sad and lame.

BTW, you realize now that you've linked to HWMNBN he's going to absolutely loose his mind because you linked to him, right? I link to him every once in a while, just to push his buttons, mostly because 1) it's so easy, and 2) he falls for it every single time, spinning bigger and bigger webs full of the crazy.

Then, even more fun, he obsessively clicks over to my blog to see what people are saying about him. (Amusing since, because he thinks my blog is pornographic, I end up getting him to click over to what he considers a gay porn site like 20 times a gay ... er I mean day. (But he's, you know, totally straight.)

I totally pwned him this week, it was classic. LOL :) So stay tuned to his blog and watch the fun! :)
I left them a little present by posting over on thier blogs.
That'll learn 'em!
It's like a sewing circle of insanity. I created a link to this one, with links to them, plus I added one myself, and now I've added another courtesy of Neil's perfectly sane, rational belief that allowing gay marriage is intolerant.
Cool! Neil put up a welcome mat! He laps up attention like this. And I like givin' it to him once in a while. Not that there's anything wrong with that. (Snort!)
HWMNBN = He who must not be named.

I like coming up with nicknames for Neil; just so he knows I still care. (I see he calls us enemies now. You think he has some sort of Nixonian enemies list? Are we ranked? I'm competitive, how do I get to the top of the list?)

And, it amuses me that, like a fish, he just keeps rising to cheap bait. LOL
So Neil is Voldemort? I suppose Mark is . . . Bellatrix Lestrange? ELAshley could be Severus Snape, I suppose, or perhaps (as is more likely) Lucius Malfoy. Whose Harry Potter in this scenario?
I got the glasses, but not the scar.

None of them are Snape. He's the coolest guy in the movies.
Re, "I see he calls us enemies now."

Yeah, that's the saddest part. It's a sign of paranoia -- or self-importance. That might be two sides of the same coin in this case.

I like fussing with Neil. But he's been dishonest with me. He danced around it and played with words -- supreme irony for one who hangs so much on WORDS -- but the fact remains that I don't trust him.

Fact is I don't trust anyone who "moderates" comments for content rather than "bad language" or some such. It is his bloggy right -- but it makes him real small. And untrustable, in my book.

But Neil as Voldemort? Naaah. Neil is Dobby, maybe. He's his own house elf.
I agree. Snape is the coolest.
My favorite line:

Professor Umbridge: "You applied first for the Defense Against the Dark Arts post, I believe?”

Snape: "Yes."

"But you were unsuccessful?"


Heh. That kills me every time.
Snape, cool? Actually, I thought the coolest by far were the Weasley twins. Fred's death in the last book was sadder by far than either Dumbledore's or Sirius Black's.

You know, I know she won't do it, but a series of books on what happens to Harry Potter in the intervening years leading up to the Epilogue in the last volume would be interesting. Something tells me that, even with Voldemort dead, there would be all sorts of problems to deal with.

Wow, this is all off topic.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Not off topic. We're still talkin' about raving fantasy.

Hey, Anon: You've never had yer ass kicked until you've had it kicked by a liberal redneck, a queer Calvinist, a pissed-off former seminarian, and a Vietnam vet yellow dog with blood on his conscience.

Say something or shut the FUCK up.

(I must be at the end of some ropes.)
"buncha wussy geeks," Anon said.

Because I let her.
I missed the anonymous comment. Wussy geek? I so love guys who talk that way. Seriously, it makes me hot, and I'm straight.
Lordy, I love to hear Bill Clinton preachin' to the faithful, as he has on TV a few times tonight.

A-MEN, Bubba!
We're "Wussy geeks?"

Fred Dies?

Damn. I quit.
Okay, I don't know which is funnier. The post or the comment threads. Or will the links beat them both?

I have to share this. My word verification is (drumroll)

We are now enemies?
So be it.
I can stand a little more blood on my conscience for a good cause.
Alan said, "The difference is that we (in general) don't have guns."
No guns, eh? Have I mentioned that the police department here has allowed me to spend some time testing out a couple of "use of force" simulators? Can you believe that? And I LIKE IT.
Feels good don't it.
I started referring to Neil as "You Know Who" or "He Who Must Not Be Named" or "The Unnamed One" over at my blog because he called me linking to him "stalking".

Having HAD a stalker or two (or three, depending on how you count) I decided that I didn't want to risk that he might actually feel must I just usually use a euphanism and and them people know where to go to find out what I am talking about.

We could always call him "That One" apparently that is no big deal and completely harmless.
I would also like to say for the record, that my family has lots of guns.

And my 11-year-old heard on MPR that Obama supports gun ownership, although he is soft on assault weapons, and my 11-year-old said

"You can buy assault weapons?"

He both wanted one and thought it was a bad idea to let anyone have one.

I pointed out that they were modified so that they were not fully automatic. he then wondered if it was possible to, individually after purchas, re-modify them back to being fully automatic.

I answered that it was possible, but not legal.

It will be interesting where he comes down on the issue when he thinks it completely through.

Either way, he's still probama...despite disagreeing with him on abortion.
Wussy Geeks? Really? Are we in High School now? Wussy? Is that a word people use? (I mean, people other than characters in a 1980s John Hughes movie.)

(Not that there's anything at all "wussy" about staying anonymous, Mr/Ms. Anonymous. Really, you do make this way too easy.)
"Snape, cool? Actually, I thought the coolest by far were the Weasley twins. Fred's death in the last book was sadder by far than either Dumbledore's or Sirius Black's."

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Where's the ***SPOILER ALERT*** before that comment? Have you no decency sir? At long last have you no decency?
I'm going out to vote now. MSNBC says the line in OKC is six blocks long but only takes an hour to vote. It would take me an hour to shuffle along the 6 blocks anyway with or without people in front or behind me. I'll report back. Film at 6.
Early voting is only at the county today. That's why the line is extra long.
I've got it. EL is Neville Longbottom -- before he got his cojones.
Neville Longbottom is made of awesome. He's the biggest hero in the whole series if you ask me.
Yep. But he was a "wussy geek" for most of the stories~!
BTW, I've never known anyone to come away from shooting a heavy gun who didn't feel like he, or she, had just been ravished or something. Power, right there in your hands, IS the ultimate aphrodesiac.
I've seriously never even held a gun nor seen one in real life, even though I live in Michigan, where most kids get a day off of school for the first year of deer season, and nearly all of my relatives are hunters.

I, however, prefer to hunt them with my trusty Ford F150. It's more reliable.

I think I'd be far more interested in learning how to shoot a bow than a gun. Then I could pretend to be an elf.
What I enjoyed about Neil's posts were the autogenerated links to Obama stories. Obama draws over 100,000, etc. Kind of kharmic if you ask me.
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