Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Rhetoric worth repeating again

Italics are still mine.

(Hat tip to Doc, for dustin' this off just in time for the third and -- thanks be -- final debate betwixt Sen. Past and Sen. Future.)


And I can't believe I've been rantin' and ravin' on this blog contraption for four years. Gah.
I found this today and thought of you, wonder why! :)
Great! :-)
There are real difference between the two parties are there not?

Listen to the Republicans grass roots about individual mortgage bailout.

1. They don't want any of their neighbors who shouldn't have tried to afford those houses to be bailed out. It is not fair. Those people are responsible for their own actions.

2. Please help keep our own home values at their current levels. By buying up those mortgages in our neighborhoods at the mortgage's original full value with taxpayer's money.


Don't save the schluck in the home, he is guilty, but save the value of the mortgage on the home to keep my investment solvent. Keep my home value high by having the cost to do so spread among all of the taxpayers.

Privatize the profit socialize the cost.

Is that not what I am hearing?

How does that square with "Love thy neighbor as thyself"? Now that is good public policy.
Re, "There are real difference between the two parties are there not?"

Six of one ...

Just depends on where you start and where you want to get.
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