Sunday, October 05, 2008


Picture puzzle!


Screw the puzzel, where do you get one of them dash board bobble spring loaded Jesuses? I need one in my truck next to the bobble head Yoda and my bobble Stitch as Elvis.
If I understood the bottle of Ripple I still wouldn't get it. ;)

Apparently I've not been fer nuff into redneck territory, for long enough, to get it. I guess my week in Arkansas didn't stick none too well. :)
If you put in the work and recipes of a chuckwagon cook and mix them with a driving faith, you will be rewarded with the fruits of your labor and plenty of growth from the Wonder that is raised through hard work.

OK, that's not at all close, but it was fun.
A Jug of Wine, A Loaf of Bread and Thou Singing in the Wilderness -- Omar Khayyam ... bbs
or just simply; a loaf of bread, a jug of wine... amen... let's eat...
Where's Trixie. She might be able to decipher this.

In the puzzle, I my own self, yer ol' buddy ER, is represented by the cookie -- the little guy with the dutch oven and ladle, a chuckwagon cook.

So, hmmm:

ER as a server of some kind of vittles.

Bobble spring-loaded Jesus is present.

Jug o' wine.

Loaf of bread.

'Nother clue: Today was a certain Sunday in the mainline churches. With that, maybe GKS might get this. ...
Gad what a stretch!
ER Christ of wine and bread a.k.a.
Eucharist of the wine and bread.
Close but no ceegar! Here's a Lucky, though, thanks for playin'!
ER's been servin' communion.
A ceegar to Teditor! :-)
I'll take that ceegar, but I like my first answer best. :-)
Not to be a Jenny-come-lately... I did see it on my way out the door to church this morning but didn't take time to post for fear my car wouldn't get me to the table on time. I thought sure everyone would get it.
I think the chuckwagon cook threw 'em.
Who's Jenny, and do you have a photo?
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