Monday, October 20, 2008


'Palin as president'

Might be scarce the next day or three, so here's somethin' to keep y'all occupied, courtesy of my Bird. :-)

Palin as president -- click and scroll for various and sundry hoots.


Where is her AK47 to shoot abortion doctors with?
There's a deer rifle hidden behind one of the curtains.
Keep clicking on the door; after she burns some books she blows away some wildlife.
Also, something changes everyday so make sure to come back!

Oh yeah, and don't miss her water-boarding Katie Couric in between burning books and killing wild-life (although, I have shot more than one Bambi in my time...none of them had spots.)
I liked the dinosaur that wandered past the windows (behind the curtains--could only see in profile).
I'd still be happy to be her intern.

Har-de-h ... I'll let y'all finish that'n.
I wonder if she would have a Bull Moose head installed, a la Teddy Roosevelt?

I am sure there is an alternate universe somewhere in which she is safely ensconced in the Oval Office, and America slips even further in to oblivion as she "You betcha"'s her way through eight years of hell.

As for Teditor, all I can say is have a bit more taste, man.
I especially like the copy of Science magazine in the trash. I've posted a version of a musical take on The Bridge to Nowhere as sung by Governor Palin and a chorus of moose and fish.
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