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'Oldest Bible' to be digitized

Cool, from the BBC, but the story is over wrought and the headline is stupid: "The Rival to the Bible."

Two "new" books to the Bible. Very cool.

Read about the Shepherd of Hermas.

Read about the Epistle of Barnabas.

(Hat tip to Jonathan.)

And on a lighter note, read about a Lebanese-Israeli Huff over Hummus.


Obviously, the BBC is as bad as CNN. It's sensational coverage of this is unprofessional to say the least.

Codex Sinaticus is just one family of types of manuscripts. Despite the allegations of alterations and deletions. All 700 or so of them do not affect (effect i can't ever remember) major Christian doctrine. The majority are spelling errors in which the last letter "nun" is sometimes in a certain family of manuscripts and at other times not.

Glad they interviewed Bart Ehrman (a former Bible thumping Evangelical) but where is the balance. I'd suggest the chapter in Dr. Darrell Bock and Daniel Wallace's Dethroning Jesus: Exposing popular culture's quest to unseat the Biblical Christ as a balance. These two are equally credentialed as Ehrman. Bock has been the voice of the conservative for National Geography's Gospel of Judas as well as countless interviews balancing the Jesus Seminar. He often appears on ABC's Prime Time as a guest.

NT textual criticism demonstrates that we have a great bit of confidence in the Bible we have. Despite what Ehrman wants us to believe.

BTW I am walking out the door for a conference so I can't respond properly. i am sorry for dropping a bomb then leaving
Good to see ya Pecheur, even if it was just a drive-by!
Hey...uh...yeah...I'm back. Here's Bock's response.

Digital Bible
OK sorry for keep popping in. Actually the above link is concerned about the Dead Sea Scrolls and does not address the Codex Sin. i do not have time to find that link. Sorry.

Anyway, take care. See ya
Truth is most Christians have never heard of or know anything about the "non-standard" books of the Bible or textual criticism or the one in use today in America.
I believe it was Bock who said that this ignorance is a time bomb waiting to explode among the fundamentalist churches.

Probably 90% of all these "discoveries" are over a hundred years old. Every 40 years or so we have these discussions but some how it never quite gets taught from the main stream pulpits of the day.

Inerrantist aside you would think that it should be part of the Christian training we all receieve should it not?

I always take what Ehrman says with a grain of salt, but for Bock I have to use the whole shaker.
Hey ER, off topic, but I just blogged about a press release from our favorite guy: Bill Donohue. He issued a press release rebuking the liberal media for not being polite when they talk about Palin's witchunter friend who likes to get mobs to beat up on women.
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