Saturday, October 18, 2008


Not one single, solitary, lonesome chicken

Not before it's hatched! Bigger "leads" have been blown. I'll believe Sen. Barack Obama is elected when I see it, and the dust settles.


I think that we can do both. I believe it is possible to begin anticipating the real possibility of Obama winning in seventeen days, as well as make sure we do all we can to make it a reality. I think Obama is correct - it is necessary to remain active, to set aside complacency, to keep working as hard as possible not just for Obama, but for Democrats on down the line.

I think it is necessary to remember that, while I foresee an Obama win, I still hedge my bets enough to keep my observations on these points as possibilities rather than realities.
Schmidt, Rove's disciple, says he plans to win it by a narrow margin and by one State. Sounds like a plan, don't it.
Well, someone in this house who tends to get her hopes up only, of late, to see them dashed, is makin' me nervous.

And, check this out:
What we need is Michele Bachmann out there shilling for McCain and Palin more. I heard that her performance on "Hardball" netted her opponent more than eighty grand in contributions from around the country.

I dont know what she's done to theri support with all of her public support of them, but I can't imagine it is good!

I've got part of it up on my blog.
I want it so badly I can taste it. But I won't believe it until it's decided. The media, of course, wants a close race. That sells ads. I see this "oh, look, the old John McCain is back" theme gaining some ground in an effort to pull the race tighter.

Let's hope Obama's money advantage will bring home the win.
Can you taste your potential fear of losing?
So Obama loses, and under questionable conditions. What happens then? Do we wake up the next morning and say, 'ah shucks we will win next time?' Can you begin to taste what the forth turning is about now? What would you do?

But if Obama wins, then the Republican Joe Plumber Core will wake up feeling like you would of felt otherwise. What do they do? They live on emotions far more than you do. That's a fact Jack. What will they do?

In less than three weeks we change forever. Whoopee!
Obama wins, and the Dems win actual control of Congress -- and the far right caucuses, the mod Repubs caucus, the lefties caucus, and the Blue Dogs caucus, and Obama has to work with shifting coalitions to get anything done.

That's the best case scenario...

I feel your question Drlobojo.

I was born in 67, and spent my early childhood sitting at the feet of my elders in student family houseing on a college campus listening to them hash and re-hash the times they just lived through, and what they were living through at the moment...lot'sa shoulda's and shouldn'tas about stuff they never really had a voice in...

I really feel your question, and I know how I want to answer...but I don't know how I will. Not yet.

I do feel like I am at the top of the roller-coaster, in the front seat, looking down...and if feels like whatever happens, my choice basically amounts to whether or not I put my hands up in the air and yell, or just hang on tight and ride it out...and as far as where the rides going...neither will make a ball-bearings worth of difference.
Teresa, your comment reminded me that almost all of the readers here at ER's road house were raised after Corporate America took over the government. You guys have never know anything but thought suppression, News manipulation, and economic oppression. You think the last 40 years are normal? No way.

Look at how the wealth has be redistributed from the workers to the money lenders since 1968 via wages alone. This is from my blog:
"Obama's Tax Plan Is:
1. Wealth redistribution: You betcha Seymour, just like the failure to keep the minimum wage value current over the past 40 years was wealth re-distribution. It was good for the Corporations then, now it will be good for their workers.
(Calculated in real 2007 dollars it was $5.85 , the 1968 minimum wage was the highest at $9.47. Today in 2008 it is $6.55 ) In 1968 the lowest paid worker was making 48% more than they do today. Who did that? Government! Government redistributed wealth from the wage earner to the employer.

Want to know why your mamas had to work outside the house. So's the Fat Cats could get fatter. No rhetoric, plain facts.

Think of it this way, the bottom 95% of America should be making 150% more income than they are today based on 1968 standards.

In 1968, the average CEO made 25 times the average worker in his corporation. In 2008 the average CEO makes 500 times their average worker. Remember that is the AVERAGE.
The "rich" are making 40 times what they did in 1968 and the rest of us are making 2/3rds of what we made in 1968. The rich get rich and the poor get poor.

The Fat Cats and their hopeless little want-a-be drones will have to be watched now.

Do you really think that the powers that be are going to just give that all up and walk away quietly?
Will they?
Would you?

As Delenn said in Babylon Five:

"We will see, what we will see."

Don't mistake pensiveness for passivness. :-)
Corrected statement:
"Think of it this way, the bottom 95% of America should be making 150% of income that they are today based on 1968 standards."

In other words the Wall street wealth came out of the 95% pockets.

Teresa: "Don't mistake pensiveness for passiveness. :-)"

See that's what's wrong with us liberal types, we "think" too much, and thus people believe we never get down to the nut cutting, so they are astounded when we pull out our K-Bar hook specials and go to work.

You ask what they'll do if they lose? My guess is, it'll be more stuff like this:

'course, if they win, it's the same thing...just they'll have an army AND the mob.
Your point is weel taken.
Every year or two when traveling in Colorado I turn off I-25 and travel the few miles to the old camp site of Ludlow. A place in 1914 at the end of the "third turning" in that historical sequence, where corporations and their government killed off some coal miners and their families.
What goes around come around.
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