Monday, October 20, 2008


McCain has one in the wood pile

No wonder he finds it so hard to look The Man in the eye.


A lot of people have black relatives, and slavery and slave-holding in their family history.

It's just a fact of life for many Americans. It seems like a frank acknowledgement of race issues, and a mature open discussion of them is the way to go.

If McCain is indeed hiding and avoiding something that is nothing more or less than an artifact of an unfortunate portion of history, it certainly isn't consistant with the narrative that he has been crafting of his life and work.

Then again, I have a number of cousins that havn't made it to a family reunion since they moved out of their parent's houses...they're busy, and not particularly motivated to connect with extended family, but their immediate family is no less important to them.

I'm not sure that this is an issue where McCain is accountable to the American people.
I think it's this, and it's OK: "or it doesn’t mean that much to him."

Accountable? To we Murkans? Hell, yes, he's accountable. He is not an average Joe -- or Sam. He's running for KING, and he better be ready to answer for every slight -- especially those as stupid and inconsequential as the bullshit he and his peeps have been throwin' on Obama.
In other words, McCain gets no benefit of the doubt. Grace is as grace does in politics, and McCain has been all but graceless. Not entirely graceless; he seemed to exhibit it -- when it suited him, which raises the question: Was it grace or cynical calculation?

Sorry. I want him to disappear into the woodwork.
It is the problem of being "From The Old".

It is not really new information. It was brought up in South(North?)Carolina in 2000. (along with the robo calls about McCains supposed illegit black child). But it was overlooked in the reaction to the calls.

This is one of the reasons that I have referred to McCain's attitude at "Bigotry" rather than racism and as 1950's bigotry at that. In that this is one of the horrors of the late 50's and 60's that these dang blacks were so uppity as to claim kinship to all us white people. See Fawn Brodie's "Thomas Jefferson: An Intimate History" and the Infamous "Roots".

I remember my mother's horror at the suggestion that the (family name) Barbeque Place in SW Virgina owned by black people was a relative's place.

It is a big deal because it shows so much about the flawed McCain. He is not old, he is of the old.
I guess I'm saying that if we're going to demand that people tell us why they don't go to family reunions and interact with extended family, and if we assume they are racist unless they do...

...well, it just seems like a small issue. Now, appealing to racism, exploitation of bigotry in the campaign, ties and associations and comolicitness with racists and bigots...I don't think a repudiation or an explination is out of line.

Obama had to do it.
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