Tuesday, October 07, 2008


La la la la -- can't make me watch -- la la la

Can't stand any more right now. Dr. ER is in there with the debate on. I do not want to be driven to take violence out on idiots with McPain yard signs and stickers on their cars.

And I'm that close. So, I'll sit this one out.


I find myself wishing for a flamethrower when I'm out and about. Just a small one would do.
Then I guess you did not see McCain when addressed by a question from a young Black man started his answer out with "I guess you've never heard of Freddy Mac or Fanny Mae but...". Also he was looking at the man's belt and not his face, and oh yes, got his name wrong.
And of course you didn't see McCain refer to Senator Obama as "...that one..." Nor did you see Obama offer his hand in a handshake at the end and John ignore it, and Cindy McCain step in and shake it to save him.
Nor did you see the McCains leave almost immediately and the Obamas stay behind for 45 minutes shaking hands and having their picture taken with the "town hall" questioners.
But I'll bet Dr. ER has already told you all these things.
Oh yes, don't ignore the signs. take note of where they are and what car they are on. you may need that info latter.
Well, I just hope the Obama signs in my yard don't lead to the sorts of things that the Kerry signs did last election year. In our little town, nearly every house in town with a Kerry sign in the yard had a handful of nails thrown in the driveway on election day.

Of course that's despicable enough, but when one lives on a block with about 10 little kids running up and down the sidewalk it's even worse.

Fortunately someone discovered the pattern early in the morning, called the police, and they went from house to house letting everyone know.
I opted for watching "Dirty Jobs" instead. Knew it wasn't going to be a real debate so figured why bother.

Lots of talk around the office this morning about McCain's body language and use of the phrase "that one." General agreement it screams racist loud and clear.
There were cringes and audible gasps in my living room when McCain made the creepy "that one" reference. Apparently, though, a new movement has been born!


(I'm That One, and I approved this message!)
What's with the enornous McCain/Palin signes?

Seems everyone who has a McCain /Palin sign in the yard could hide the Straight-talk Express behind it.

My theory is that they plan to hide snipers behind them to pick off drivers of cars with Obama stickers on thee way to the polls.

In local news, the Coleman signs are enormous as well.

It's like the Republicans are sayin' "Take that Lady Bird Johnson!!!'

Classic overcompensation.
Odd. Here in VA the local Obama signs are about 10 times bigger than the standard sized McCain sign in my yard. I'm planning on getting a Mark Warner (yes, he's a Democrat) for Senate sign to put next to it, although I've never posted signs for Senate races before. I always post Presidential signs, mainly to encourage people to vote.

As to the debate, you didn't miss much, ER. Senators are boooring, and a tie (which is the worst Obama did, by most analyses) will go to Obama every time in the current political and economic environment. Barring a total collapse in the final debate, you'll be toasting President-Elect Obama on Nov. 4th.
Relax, Reverend...there's plenty more wackos on your side of things that'll do the job for you.
I'd say we're pretty balanced, wacko for wacko.
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