Friday, October 10, 2008


'Kneeling beneath that Cross ...'


The Matthew 25 Network needs to dig a little deeper into the Word. The message of the Cross has more depth and meaning than they want to portray.
OK. I'm game.

Define "dig a little deeper into the Word."

How does one dig deeper into the Logos, the Word -- Christ -- except by living for Him, loving God and loving others as oneself?

Or -- wait, did you mean read the same Scriptures you read until they come to the same conclusions as you do? In my experience, that's usually what code words like "dig a little deeper into the Word" mean.

Sorry. I've little use for condescension, especially from drive-by Anons.

I await your explication of "depth" and "meaning" per the Cross and how it differs from the simple message of this commercial.
Never mind. I await nothing.

Take the last word.
So are they for or against? Because in another video of theirs labeled "Families" they seem to be completely against Obama...

Have they shifted their opinion of him? And who are they?
?? Here's the Matthew 25 "Families" vid:

Pretty clearly pro Obama.

And, Matthew 25 is some Democratic polticos, PR peeps and such who are Christians.
it is? Am I watching the same one? I'll check yours out...
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