Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Eames and Ice-T's Excellent Adventure

This is how Eames and Ice-T helped los installios de los carpet -- by bein' with Dr. ER holed up in a hotel in west OKC for the two-day duration of los installios!

"The Day the Cat Stood Still" -- Ice-T channels aliens.

"My daddy and That Lady sure love us, not to be cat people," Ice-T says from his hotel hidey hole.

"So, I'm on the bathroom sink -- what's the big deal?" Eames wonders seconds before Dr. ER scolds her outta there. I swear, that girlcat should be wearin' Daisy Duke shorts and a short-cut T-shirt with a pack of Marlboro reds rolled up in a sleeve. She is B.A.D. bad.

Cable Mews.

"I'm so glad That Lady brought this 'little blanky' (it's a dish towel!) from home!" Ice-T says.


The first step is as follows:
"I have lost control of my cats and my life has become unmanageable." Accepting you are a cat person will be far better for you.
I'll have you know that we are only social "cat people" -- and we can quit any time we want to.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt, which had cats as a god, by the way (of course, our cat, Patch, believes she is one, and by our treatment of her, I can't say as there is an argument against her; she does get salmon with every meal, and a couple years back when we had goose for Christmas got herself a nice chunk of goose liver).
Now I would say Dr. E.R. knows how to handle having new carpet installed. Room service?
Free din-din. :-)
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