Saturday, October 04, 2008


A do-nothing Saturday

Dr. ER and I actually "went out" to sup last night, late, (Johnny Carino's), then slept in -- me all the way to 8 a.m., her considerably later.

And today, we're doin' nothin' but eatin' leftovers and whatever we can scrounge out of the U-Haul boxes and suitcase full of groceries in the living room (the pantry is still out of commission), and watchin' bad football and bad movies on the Sci-Fi Channel ("The Black Hole" and later "New York Tornados" or something like that.)

Back in the saddle tomorra.

Y'alls' selves?


Working my dadgum tail off at work-work. Mourning another car wreck yesterday which destroyed the passenger side of my car. Mourning a call from my cousin Jim this afternoon, who called to say his wife of 23 years died Friday morning at their home.

All in all, I do envy you your do-nothing Saturday!
Good vibes sent yer way!!!
After reading Trixies post, well, had a good day except for the musquiters. Take care of yourself young lady.
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