Saturday, October 11, 2008


Buckley for Obama



I read it yesterday, and I have to say it was pretty devastating for McCain. Now, on the other hand, I should add that Buckley's modesty - this is only of interest because of his family ties - is not unwarranted. Yet, his arguments are both strong and, fundamentally, correct. McCain has disqualified himself for serious consideration by many, many acts he and his campaign have done over the past weeks and months, while Obama's coolness and discipline show his vast superiority in matters necessary to be an effective President.

Might we be seeing the dawning of an Obama Revolution come November 5th?
I watched Buckely's dad on TV all of the time, and read him often. His father would be proud of his son's stance in this case. William F. Buckely would not give these Palin/McCain kooks the time of day.
These are the "Change of Days", WFB would have seen that.
Wow. So Buckley's heard enough. Just a couple of weeks ago I saw him interviewed on Book TV and he said of course he was voting for McCain.
Interestingly, former Governor Milliken (Michigan) just withdrew his endorsement of McCain, because he's disappointed by McCain's campaign of personal attacks.
I never listen to my pup.
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