Thursday, October 02, 2008


Bibliophilia exposed

Whew -- 28 boxes of books packed, about four more to go.

Got to haul them all out so new carpet can be installed.

Yes, the Aug. 23 hot water pipe burst continues to wreck the ER household!

Carpet gets installed next Tuesday and Wednesday.

But first, I'm gonna have my office repainted while it's empty.

Do I need some new stickers on my filing cabinet, or what? :-)


Woooooweeeee....Look at all them there books.

And my wife thinks SHE has it bad with my books. My books fill three or four boxes TOPS.
LOL Yer still a young'un yet, Ryan. :-)
Do you read 'em or are they just for show? I was actually asked that question by someone once. Now, it's true that "bibliophilia" might actually include the pure love of books as objets d'art, but I am far too practical for that. If a book isn't worth reading, it isn't on my shelf. Sadly, I find far too many books worth reading.

Is the new carpet part of the overhaul after the flooding you experienced this summer?
Same here. Some of them would shock most others, but are still worth reading.
I have a hard time getting rid of any book, I might want to read it again.
Looks like an acceptable number of books to me.
Ryan, back when I was your age...I had even more books, but lost some in a divorce - shared custody, you see.
Looks like you're going to have an issue or two with some of those bookshelves holding together if you move them! And, yes, the stickers do kinda' date you.

It'll be so much fun putting them all back in your freshly painted, freshly carpeted office. Or, you could leave them all boxed up and see which ones you truly miss. Hehehehe. ;)
See the pic with the two plastic boxes? Those are books I haven't read yet.

In another pic, the stack that includes "Dutch" is unread; the other books you see and don't see in that closet are well-read.

Frenzied: Dr. ER has forbidden me to reuse that leanin' shelf. :-) Dr. ER, who once worked in a library, saus I should reshelve 'em by the Dewey system -- and I just might!
Grrrr. Just found out that the carpet is on back order. So, it'll be be Oct. 13 before it gets installed. SIGH.
My son-in-law shelves his books by author's birth date and within the group by the author by publication date. He wants to understand the evolution of the thoughts involved and see the developement of the author's writing. Of course that means that he see's books as extensions of their writers and knows all of their birthdays. His wife, my daughter keeps hers in the Library of Congress system (she is a librarian). They are thinking about combining their libraries. They have been married 5 years.
This may be their last year.

My volumes are shelved by general subject, you know, Indians, cowboys, trains, gods, and such.
Nah, don't shelve 'em by Dewey, or LC, or any other "logical" system. Put them in order by spine color. It's much prettier.
What about size...? There's nothing worse, in an aesthetic sense, than a huge hardcover stuck between, two or more paperback editions, even if they are by the same author :).

In the name of visual balance, what is it that will have to give?
You people! :)

I'll probably go back to:

Fiction and literature (thinnest).


Southern history

Western/Indian/Oklahoma history


European history and affairs

Asian history and affairs
I never, ever throw out a book. Heck, my wife has a cow about me having the Wall Street Journal, NY Times and the Dallas Morning News laying around our house ALL THE TIME. Not to mention all the magazine subscriptions.

She's been getting a reprieve lately, as I've been buying books for my iPod.

What about size...? There's nothing worse, in an aesthetic sense, than a huge hardcover stuck between, two or more paperback editions...

I so agree, and will often delay buying books from a single author, or which are part of a series, until I'm certain they're all published in a uniform edition for this very reason. Or, if I've started buying an author's books in hardback, say, or in A or C format paperback, I'll stick to that format forever, even if it means waiting more time than I'd like to to read a particular book....(Yes, I know...) The only exception I make is for the case you mention, i.e. books by the same author which, for one reason or another, I haven't been able to keep patience for uniform editions, or for which the vagaries of publishing have made the decision for me...

I have a special bookcase with very wide shelves, for these volumes, which is the only one in my house allowed to contain such a mish-mash of differently sized volumes...

[Yes, I know...] :-)

Sacrilege, maybe. But I live downtown and walk to work every morning. I can edumacate myself AND use the headphones as a shield from the panhandlers.
Howdy, Mark W.

I bow in yer presence. I'm a book lover. You are ... obsessed .. I mean: a pro! :-)
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