Friday, October 03, 2008


Bacon-wrapped hamburger steak, grilled onions, mashed taters, brown gravy, brown beans, fried squash, three 'ghost' peeps, coffee

Thus, for lunch, properly termed "dinner," did I enter the regular Friday suspension of my Monday-Thursday rabbit food diet. Yum.

On "folksy" -- Dr. ER and I are both fixin' to throw plumb up if people don't quit judging Sarah Palin's abilities by her dadgum "folksiness."

Hell, Dubya's alleged folksiness -- which is really just laziness -- is what duped lots of people (including me) to give him the benefit of the doubt. To hell with the way people enunciate, or don't, being any kind of measure for ANYTHING!


Oh, and a cheap roll from a package, with some fake butter.
Fake butter? After all the rest? Seems like you might as well go for the real thing, which is so much yummier.
Well, it's all they had. :-) ... The cheap rolls are a mystery, too, considering how good the place is otherwise.
When listening to all those other Alaskans on TV talk about Palin I have to notice that they don't talk like she does. Is her cute little accent an affectation or an exageration. Are we going to elect a Canadian to the vice-Presidency?
You betcha, wink, wink.
What I keep thinking about is those cynical c*(&^^%$#(*&**'s that are prepping her and planning their own private puppet presidency through Palin after they do John in by having Palin nibble on his ear for 90 days straight.
Mr. Phentermine says hello. My low glycemic diet has survived day one. One day at a time. Addiction to sugar is just like any other, I guess.

Enunciation? Heck, I know how to turn it off and turn it on. It's a gift to be a good mimic. But I'm betting Palin doesn't know what the word ERUDITE means, no matter how you pronounce it.
Yep, and I'll bet you know *when* to turn it off and turn it on. I have to admit, there is a baseline Ozark twang in me that I've never shaken. But I *can* sound halfway civilized when the occasion requires.

Give Mr. Phentermine my regards. ;-)
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