Friday, October 31, 2008


And you're going as what?

Today: Great old horror flicks on TCM.

Tonight: Major candying of neighborhood ghouls, goblins and monsters!

No party. Last time I went to a Halloween party was '96 or '97. The party theme was "Song Titles."

I wore overalls, a shirt and tie, a straw hat, and shined-up work boots, and carried a flyer for a cattle auction in Muskogee.

I was "Okie from Muskogee," by Haggard, of course.

Dr. ER took an arm off of a doll and put it in a front jeans pocket, sticking out where you could see it.

Surely, y'all can guess her song title and artist!

Yourselves? Plans, and costume-party stories, please.


"One Hand in my Pocket" By Alanis Morissette?
Very good!
From the shoulda-been state of Sequoyah.
Well my this-year costume pics are on my blog.

Last year I just went to Lowe's and got a bunch of plastic tubes and tied them around myself and went as The Internet.

A couple years ago we went as Heat Miser and Cold Miser. Extra points if you get the reference. If not:

But this year I was given strict instructions to come up with costumes that do not require 5 hours of semi-inebriated after-party scrubbing off of make-up. Thus the Lego costumes, which only required about 8 hours of work.

There have been a few others, but they mostly involved off-color puns, so I'll spare you.

We have no parties this evening, so I'm in normal clothes, but if anyone asks, I'm the Final Cylon.

(BTW, was Oklahoma really supposed to be called Sequoia? Pardon my ignorance but have there every been Sequoia trees in Oklahoma?)
I love that. I'm going as a working mom with a bad attitude high on Mr. Phentermine.

Someone better be handing out chocolate.
Alan: Sequoyah the person, not the tree. He came up with the Cherokee syllabary. (BTW, great costume ideas!)

Just wore a white lab coat over my usual clothes, with stethoscope sticking out of the pocket, and called myself a nurse. Don't do fancy stuff for work, because heavy makeup or accessories get annoying half way through the day
Alan, here is a short but thorough article by an authority, a friend of mine, on the Sequoyah statehood movement:
If I hadn't had to work so late last night, I was going to make long fuzzy ears to wear under my fedora, with a press pass in the band, and go as a news hound. Alas. I didn't get it done. Tonight the house will be dark. No candy will be leaving my place.
News hound! LOL! :-) That'd been great.

I should wear way oversized clothes and use a cane or something and be a "weak man" -- 'cause I just went to the store to get contact lens solution and came back with four huge steaks.

BONE-IN RIBEYES $6.49 per pound! I *had* to. They are nestled in my deep freeze. It's home-roasted chicken and Halloween candy for supper tonight.
I'm just going to bend over, grab my legs, and walk backwards.
A politician, of course. (or a person who is about to meet one)

Happy All Hallow's Eve
I think I must be channeling John McCain, because my kids are off T-o-Ting by themselves, my wife is handling candy duty, and I'm sitting around, muttering about socialism as all these kids crawl all over my lawn - stay off that spot, I jst seeded there! - to come to my house and blackmail me and my family for candy under the threat of violence.

Damn liberals really have taken over the country.
Yer a hoot.


Porch swept. Check.

Scary witch put out. Check.

Other scary sign put out. Check.

Scarecrow perched in flower bed. Check.

Porch light cover repaired. Check.

Strobe light positioned behind bushes in flower bed. ... Almost.

Scary movies on the TV. Check.

Candy unbagged and at the ready. Check.

The only missin' is ... sniff ... my Bird. I miss her more at Halloween time than any other, since it was the only "holiday" I didn't have to share with some other family. Sniff.

Oh, and Dr. ER is AWL. Visiting her sister in Ohio.
Oh, and Obama-Biden and Rice for Senate signs taken down for the evening, lest some hoodlum deface or otherwise harm them. Check and check.
I gave my daughter the middle name of Sequoyah, but she dressed up as a "gothic vampiress."

Given her somewhat redundant description, I guess she really wanted to drive the point home.
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