Monday, September 22, 2008


Suggest a headline for this; I'm stumped

Dr. ER was asleep on her side of the bed, but it was an elaborately decorated canopy bed, not our regular bed, and I was driving. The bed. I was driving the bed.

The steering wheel and driver's seat, if you are an American, were just where you'd expect them to be on an elaborately decorated canopy bed: At the foot, to your left if you were lying in the bed.

As Dr ER snoozed soundly, I was alternately driving the bed, and climbing up on top of the canopy to fiddle with the record player. The record player on top of the bed. I'd drive awhile, then jump out of the seat and swing myself up on the canopy.

I couldn't get the needle placed just right -- in the groove for the fourth of five cuts on the record, because I kept having to jump back down into the driver's seat, to steer. The bed. Which I was driving. Backwards.

Did I mention that? I was driving the bed backwards, using the rearview mirror. On a narrow street. Looking for a parking. I was looking for a place to parallel park the bed.

The record player was on, and on the turntable was a Merle Haggard LP, and the song I was trying to play was "Going Where the Lonely Go," which is an early-'80s Merle Haggard song, but when I finally got the needle lined up and the song began to play, it was "Lucille," the Kenny Rogers song. But Haggard was singing it.

And I wound up crashing the bed, as I drove it backward looking for place to park on a narrow street, because the street curved, and when the street went one way and the bed went another, I happened to be on top of the canopy listening to Merle Haggard sing "Lucille," watching the record spin, wondering when he'd recorded it.

It wasn't a bad wreck. Neither Dr. ER nor I were hurt. The bed was a mess, but the parked cars it hit were just scratched up a little.

Thus did I dream last night. Weird.


"ER Dreams Of Record Bedlam".
:-) Hey, that gives me an idea:

"Dreaming in record time"
Here's one:

"Dreaming at 33 1/3"

"Not so rapid eye movement: 33 1/3"

(I hope Dox weighs in here!)

That is a really weird dream...can't think of anything better than what's already been said.

BTW, I finished my 60- mile walk to cure breast cancer...first post on that at
"To dream, perchance to wreck" - ShakespeER
Small Town Gazette September 21, 2008


A local man was arrested in the early hours of the morning while driving a golf cart backwards down a neighborhood street. The man,identified and E.R.Neck, who had recently had his truck repossessed and home auctioned off the day before had an old boom box type music player ducted taped to canopy of the cart that was playing Country and Western music very loudly.
Neck had damage several cars as he careened backwards back and forth across the street. When stopped, Neck had an open two gallon carton of vanilla ice cream apparently heavily spike with whiskey and maraschino cherries that he had been consuming.
His wife who was asleep at home during all of this declined comment.
Yay for Teresa and congrats!
Pefect! A little erudite from Lee, and a little redneck from DrLobo! Bravo!
I wonder if the Lortab, the Dickel and the ham and grits I had for a late supper had anything to do with it?
Mighta been caused by oxygen deprivation FROM THE CATS GETTING IN MY FACE IN THE NIGHT AND STEALING MY BREATH!!!
You are aware are you not that cats steal your dreams as well.
That's how they know so much about you.
It might explain why the cats are crazee.
Yeah.... I often have sort of similar dreams when my life is out of control, but usually a distinguishing marker of these dreams is that someone else is driving my car. (Usually my dad). The crashes, wrong turns, near crashes usually end when I wrest control of my car back.

I'd call yours "Driving Me Crazy."
I'd have to go with Trixie
and my question would be: are you feeling alone in this endeavour to steer through this backward existence?
Is Dr ER having her own dreams, where you're sleeping, while she's having to cope with all the incongruities of life?
There's be hours of psychoanalysis with that one....

It's a really interesting dream!
(I like Dr Lo's version)
Dreams, when I get stressed(or forget my meds for a couple of days), I go back to Nam, "gooks are in the wire" and we are popping thermite on our files, OB maps, and cypher stuff.
None of which I ever actually had to do.

As for the "slur" above, sorry to my Vietnamese friends( and any sensitive soul who might take offense), but "the enemy is attacking" doesn't mean what the other means, gonad and dream wise that is.
Of course I'll chime in!!!
First, Bravo! Teresa...great cause!
Dream analysis is not taken very seriously in the Jungian sense of the word (except, of course, by Jungians).
But it is fun!
For what it's worth, driving in dreams generally refers to one's course in life. The driving in reverse usually means that one's goals are meeting with major setbacks, or even crashes. A record usually signifies duality or ambiguity (having two sides or being faced with a challenging set of alternatives).
Music is usually the soundtrack to your current life: pleasant music, like Kenny G, means relaxation (or eminent suicidal ideation if its in my dream), the 1812 Overture suggests a bit o' strife.
I would imagine the solution you are looking towards (Merle Haggard) is presenting you with a alternative outcome (Rogers)-- and not exactly an easy outcome. (I've had some bad times/Lived through some sad times/But this time your hurtin' won't heal).

I once treated a patient who would time himself to the bed to prevent from jumping out of the window during his nightmares. Perhaps you should give the keys to Dr. ER.

Anyway, try not to mix the Lortab with the Dickel's. Go top shelf with Oxycontin and Macallan 18, and, like Steven Tyler, Dream on.
Thanks, Doc. When I get on the other side of the present unpleasantness, mebbe I'll tell ya how the pieces of my life seem to fit yer analysis of the pieces of the dream.
Doc, "I once treated a patient who would time himself to the bed to prevent from jumping out of the window during his nightmares."

Say, Hi Doc, is that you? I finally moved to a basement apartment. It solved the whole thing.
DrLo, Nice!
(Thanks for overlooking my stinkin' typos, that should read "...would tie himself to the bed...")

I, of course, suggested more psychotherapy and medications, rather than a logical and better solution such as yours! I do occasionally miss those days at the VA, although I still teach down there from time to time. The stories I heard and saw were simply the best (and the worst). I have a number of Vets who have followed me to my practice out in the semi-rural 'burbs, but not the fella who tied himself up each night (he eventually did better, and moved out of town, sans his rope and bungee cord lashings).
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