Wednesday, September 17, 2008


State Rep. Jordan Shearer, D-Slapout?

Just for Geoffrey, who is fascinated with all things Slapout, (Beaver County), Oklahoma, (in the Panhandle), and for the good of my fine state:

A young'un from Slapout is runnin' as Democrat for the Statehouse!

Godspeed, Jordan.


Awesome! Does he have a website and swag? I want some gear from the Guy From Slapout!

I just have to get myself over that way, even just to have said, "I've been to Slapout, OK"
Not sure the touch-tone phones in Slapout, let along teh Internets.

Hey, what is "swag"? Heard it twice in a week and never heard it before, in the political context. ... Means "sophisticated wild-ass guess" to me ...
Swag is give-aways like hats, t-shirts, beer can cozies, that kind of thing.
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