Sunday, September 07, 2008


The Phoenix Affirmations

Been busy and out all day.

Been thinking about the Phoenix Affirmations, to which I adhere.




I thought you would be glad to hear that I only have $441 left to raise to meet my goal for the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure!

Thank you for your generous contribution! It helped a lot!
Not to be too flippant, but ER I only have $16,957 left to raise towards a new used pickup truck in that my 25 years old $500 wondertruck is making noises never before heard on earth or in the cosmos before. Brother can you spare a bit more?
Teresa, yay! And yer welcome, mi amiga!
DrLobo, I am fixing to take out a loan on MY truck to get it to run! :-)
If I took out a loan on the value of my truck it wouldn't be enough to tow it off.
I am amazed that no one has taken me to task because the first affirmation says that Christianity ain't the exclusive way to God.
You're a heretic!

There! Taken to task. :)

Truly, I am shocked and scandalized by that bit of heresy 'to which you adhere,' but I still believe, overall, that you're not altogether bad. That seed of propensity in us all does spring up flowers on occasion. More in some than others.

Daffodils suit you. But please reconsider that horrid collection of affirmations.
LOL. Note, brother, that it dismisses "Christianity" as nonessential, not Christ. And the rest of it is just an elegant recitation of ideas I've espoused in the past surrounding Grace and my bent toward universalism. ... I truly do thimk it best to be too extravagant with Grace than too stingy.
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