Monday, September 29, 2008


The next 10 days: Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday,

I might be scarce around here, at least off and on, for the next several days.

It's nut-crunching time on getting the house boxed up and carried out, in the mornings and after work evenings, to get ready for the carpet people on Oct. 7.

And a big change at work is affecting every single thing that every person does, and there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Either one of those things would have my gut knotted. Together, it's whelming -- we'll see whether it becomes overwhelming. Ugh.

In the meantime: Open thread! What's on yer mind? I'll be in the comments.


It is moments like these that are so very American:
And if that doesn't make you proud to be an American, Listen to what happens when an American icon is dissed by a politician:
Let's see, you've got a gay Calvinist, some atheists, a guy who spent too long at seminary (and whom I am not sure is a Christian or not), an anti-established church guy who knows a little bit more than anybody else, and an occasional fundamentalist.

Your place is starting to look like the church at Corinth!
That second Fey impersonation of Palin is even funnier than the first! Have watched it several times now and keep getting the giggles.

Oh, and re: the above anon, I had to look up Corinth and found this:

"The city was young, dynamic, not hidebound by tradition, a mix of dislocated individuals without strong ethnic identities seeking to shed their former low status by achieving social honor and material success."

Dynamic? Non-traditionalist? A mix of various peoples? Yup, sounds like here.
Hard to tell what anon means up there, but is being a Calvinist supposed to be a bad thing?

If so, I'm not sorry. I refuse to apologize for being a Calvinist, even though it is, after all, a lifestyle choice.

Anon:" anti-established church guy who knows a little bit more than anybody else..."

I just know anon was talking about me and I am greatly insulted. Shit kiddo, I know a GREAT DEAL MORE than anyone else does. I must be holding back in my opinons for he/her not to see that!
Actually I think the line, "I can see Russia from my house." will be the one to go down in History.

"Yours ... is the superior ... intellect...."

-- Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan.

Anon, re; the church at Corinth.

Thanks! :-)

Alan, on Calvinism as a lifestyle choice, that is funny on multiple levels.

DrLobo: I used to be able to see Arkansas from my house. What does that mean??

Y'all keep this place goin' while I'm out, 'K? ... Back to the salt mines ...
(Warning: tastelessness to follow)

Does anyone remember the joke about Jesus, while he's on the cross, telling John, "I can see your house from here"?
Kristen you mean the newly discovered fragment of a letter from john that describes his argument with Peter and James about Jesus' last words? Where James says the last words were, "Father unto Thee I comend my spirit." Then Peter says no,no, James hiis last words were, "It is finished." The as John came in the door Thomas said, "John was actually there at the foor of the cross when our beloved passed away." "John, what were his last words?" "So I told them," reports John, "That he looked up in pain and sorrow and quitely said,"John" and I said "yes master", and he continued, " I can see your house from up here.""

Of course that is not as bad as the old Catholic school kid joke of: Why doesn't Jesus ride the bus? Because the exact change keeps falling through his hands.
Yup, that was the one! Heard it at church camp many years ago....
I think I'm the one who spent too many years at seminary. Guilty as charged. Am I a Christian? Well, we'll leave that for God to decide, but the folks at my wife's church seem to think so. Ditto my wife, my kids, and my colleagues at work.

If think I'm not a Christian is it because I refuse to admit that fundamentalism is the only path to salvation? Is it because I refuse to admit that Christianity is the only path to salvation? Is it because I say that all religions are equally good (as well as equally bad)? I'm sure I don't know, but at least, whoever this anonymous person is, s/he has been paying attention.

A Gay Calvinist . . . It's like the perfect storm of Christianity!

As for those who know more than anybody else, I think all of us qualify for that dubious distinction from time to time. It's a grievous sin, to be sure.

Anyway, the bailout tanked, as did Wall St., and it's all Pelosi's fault, apparently. Can anyone say fait accompli? For anonymous, that's French, that anti-American language, for having accomplished something that was planned beforehand.
This is the Day the Music Died for the GOP.

"A Gay Calvinist . . . It's like the perfect storm of Christianity!"

Heh. I know lots of people who wouldn't mind us Calvinists so much if we'd just stop shoving our election down everyone's throats.
"'s all Pelosi's fault, apparently." Are Republicans are so self center/ thin skinned that a partisan statement would caused them to cause a financial depression? "We voted against it because Pelosi made us?" Holy shit! They handed it over to the Democrats. Pelosi may be a lot smarter than we think.
How about a re-write of the bill that lets all Democrats vote for it and leaves the Republicans holding the blame and Democrats with a liberal regulatory bill? Now that is cynical. So the Republicans voted against a $700,000.000,000.00 loan and let the Stock Market lose $1,200,000,000,000.00 in value or one and five/sevenths times the amount of the $700 billion.

Country First! Yahoo!
Say, what would Sarah Palin do?
Somebody should ask her. She can probably see a bank from where she lives.
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