Friday, September 26, 2008


Wall Street can do it; why can't we?


Up at 5:30 a.m.! To induce vomiting by our house!

It's Neighborhood Garage Sale weekend, and Dr. ER and I are contributing all kinds of stuff, mostly hers.

"Not a single book," I said. My stuff is mostly clothes. Hers is all kinds, including some of *her* books.

Vomiting? Almost nobody actually has a "garage sale," they trot their stuff out onto the driveway. With so many garage doors open and crap lying out, it'll look like about every seventh or eighth house in the neighborhood has barfed on itself.

Come buy some of our crap!


Overalls! Gone! $2.

Lincoln Logs! Gone! $6.

$78 and change so far, at 9:53 a.m.
Mouse sighted in garage!
"The aforementioned critter (which I saw enter the garage from the front porch area) has exited, guided back to the door to the outside by me and the broom. We can rest easier."

-- Dr. ER
Lincoln Logs?? Sweet. I would have built a little Lincoln Log Cabin for the mouse. :)
I dibs the Peeps maker and Slink the Dog from Toy Story, but only if he comes to life while I'm in the room.

My parents still have a set of Lincoln Logs - the real, wooden kind with the plastic roof A-frames and green balsa slats. I loved building stuff with those. Also had a Girders and Joints set as a kid and built a replica of the Sears Tower that my cat proceeded to try and climb, causing it to tumble to the ground.
A little boy wound up with the slinky dog. :-)

And Dr. ER said a guy about our age took the Lincoln Logs after lifting rhe lid to take the obligatory nose hit!
OK. I have worked as an editor and writer in some pretty odd situations in my career, including 60-some days at Mama ER's bedside in the hospital, numerous times in a "press box" -- har har, think, lean-to or shack -- at numerous rodeos, the middle of nowhere giving dictation on a two-way including once on deadline at a fatal house fire while standing on the roof of a 1984 Chrysler Cordoba, in '89, to get the signal over the horizon, but this is new.

I'm in a wingback chair situation in the doorway to the garage, lettin' all the bought air out and the flies in, to keep an eye on the stuff in the driveway while Dr. ER goes to PT and then to get her hair done. A leetle bit awkward.

Make your own peeps?!?! Where has that been all my life?!

I cannot live without such a contraption. Must. Ebay. Peep. Machine....

OK the marshmallow maker would be my choice. Didn't know any such thing existed. I've made them from scratch, and could have used one of those!
I'm going to look on e-bay...
Looks more like defecation rather than regurgitation. Say didn't I give you a couple of those books pictured for last Christmas?

Our church had a yard sale last Saturday.
All during the week as people brought their stuff they bought stuff that other members had brought. There weren't much left after that.

I hate to do yard sales.
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