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John McCain: racist, bigot, homophobe

John McCain did not, would not, could not look Barack Obama in the eye or talk to him directly during the debate last night because white racist men do not look black men in the eye and they talk about them, not to them.

That's me talking, after DrLoboJo helped me see what I was looking at on TV last night.

Here, also courtesy of DrLoboJo, from Doug Thompson at Capitol Hill Blue, is more on McCain: racist, bigot & homophobe. BTW, I hung out at Bullfeathers some in spring 1987, and was exactly the kind of "in" Capitol Hill place described.


Now, now, now, ER, John McCain can't bee too homophobic. After all, he's more than happy to take money from the founder of a gay sex hookup site.

Because, you know, he's like ... a moral guy and stuff.

Frankly, I just figured he was either constipated or having micro-strokes every 10 minutes during the debate. And I'm actually not kidding about the stroke thing.
BTW, just how happy do you think McChicken was to have his big phony bid to look presidential stuffed back in his face, as he slunks down to Mississippi. I believe Barak called his bluff.
You know, I don't actually have any idea whether McCain is racist, or homophobic. I posted this to be deeliberately provocative. If the accounts in the link are untrue, well, tough titty. I've seen enough BS made up about Sen. Obama to not give a rat's heiny.
Man, you sure are right ER.
I'm still wondering when someone's going to ask him about PTSD and whether or not he's ever been diagnosed with it.
ER, here is a short version of what I posted on my blog that addresses what I think I see.
As far as I'm concerned the stuff on the web is confirmation not the source of my understand about this.
You can listen to me or believe me or not, but this is what I see.

I was raised in a bigoted society (against blacks, Indian, and Mexicans) in SW Oklahoma. I began to learn just what that meant to those on the receiving end as I started college in 1963. From that point on the lessons kept a coming. I spent much of 1975 visiting with the white ole boys controlling XXXXXXXXXXX in Oklahoma trying to get the constitutional segregation shifted to conform with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. I began to develop a sense of who were the bigots and who were the reluctant victims themselves. In short, I heard it all, at all levels and I can read a level of bigotry very quickly in a one on one situation regardless of the race involved. It became part of my survival tool kit to be able to do so.

It is much harder to recognize on the TV, especially when it is kept in low profile. So last night during the debate between McCain and Obama I was aghast to see John McCain lay out text book behavior of the bigot towards Obama. I simply couldn't believe that he was that blatant. Surely he knew better?

I had heard the "Ape" story and the "Janet Reno" story and i knew he threw "gook" around like a part of speech, but I contributed that to his "pilot" mentality. After all it takes a strange breed of person to land a jet on rolling postage stamp. But apparently it is much deeper.

I waited in vain for some commentator to comment on it in the proper context. Nobody, noway, nowhere ever identified what it truly was.

The story?
McCain is a bigot.
The media know it but won't report it.
The media don't know it and are too dumb to see it.
The media are so young and inexperienced that they don't recognize it.

McCain is a child of the 1940's and 1950's, and the type of bigotry he shows is a time warp back to those days. When I realized what I was seeing I went onto to the web to see if there was any history of his behavior and among other things found this article ( It was from and seem to summarize all of the other stuff I had found floating around on the web.

Yes, I am an Obama supporter, but as I said before I am a 63 year old white guy, a Vietnam Regular Army COMBAT vet, who has swallowed so much bigotry that I know the taste of it well.

Well I have had my little say now. I'm going to take my meds and go away.
Well, as a 44-year white guy from where I'm from, you know I've had a little of it on me, too.
yeah must be racism. Can you draw an opinion about someone without calling them names.

Henry H. Goddard would find you interesting.
Hey, Drood, you let me down. WTH are you rambling about?

I didn't call McCain a name. I did not call himn a holier-than-thou, antequated, latter-day wanna-be "Massa."

Ya moron.

See the difference now in drawing an opinion based on someone's behavior and calling someone a name?
Bigotry is not racism, although racism can be bigotry. My statements are about observed public behavior and public utterances.
It is not name calling, it is describing temperament and predilections. It is a judgement, of course, but it is based on having worked three decades in the very bowels of the beast itself. It bothers me to such an extent that I am willing to risk my anonymity to declare what I see.
Alan's stroke comment reminded me of a comment by the comedian Frankie Boyle he sait that McCain was so old that he would be the first president in history that you could assasinate simply by blowing up a paper bag
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