Sunday, September 21, 2008


It's greed and avarice, stupid


The Bush administration has the balls to say, essentially, "Trust us. Do as we say, do it now, or we're all doomed."

The sumbitches haven't shot straight with us on anything. I don't trust them now. That's George W. Bush's legacy.

Time for Congress to play hardball for THE PEOPLE. Or, come Friday, let the whole damn economy go to hell with a big "Brought to you by Deregulation, Conservatism and the GOP" sticker on it.


Politics is politics, but most people in this country, except for the poor -- and if you're reading this, you are not poor -- have to share the responsibiliy for this.

We're all greedy, spoiled, short-sighted, aloof from the rest of the world and one another and we think we have a birthright to wealth -- which includes credit and debt.

Including me. I have hamstrung myself with personal debt to the point where I'm caught. I give, but I can't give what I'd like. Freedom? I'm as free as my checkbook, some personal savings and my credit will let me be.

God forgive me for squandering what I've squandered. Help me to start turning it around now, so maybe in 20 years I'll have something.


PRAYER OF CONFESSION at church today.

Lord of Life, we pause in the rush of our days, and in a time of economic uncertainty and anxiety, to count our blessings, and to keep our lives in perspective. We have lived by unsustainable and unethical assumptions that enough is never enough, and that short-term gain is all that matters. Help us to find our soul again, and to be responsible to and for one another, not just the bottom line. In the name of Jesus our Teacher and Lord we pray, Amen.


Well Bush Inc. got us into this final fall, so If I were Obama I would step back and let them own this fiasco. McCain of course has already blamed it on Obama and the Democrats. I mean what else can he do? He has been so deep in this shit since his wife's involvement in the Lincoln Savings and Loan Robbery that he has evolved gills to breath.

Nobody knows what to do now. Rather everybody knows they got to do something but not what so they are floundering around. Except McCain, but being loud and wrong probably will be noticed sooner or latter.

But if you want to know what denial looks like tune into the FOX Business Channel. I hope someone is recording their programs during this. My advice to their VP who goes on camera several times a day now is to unbutton your blouse by two more buttons and hike up your dress a notch, that way maybe nobody will remember what you have said.
Remind me to tell you sometime about when those crazy effers insulted me by asking me to be on a panel And I don't mean, I felt "I've been insulted!" by being asked. I mean, the reason they asked me insulted my intelligence. In other words, I had an actual brush with their inanity.
I think I might be in a minority here, but I am with Brad at Sadly, No! To quote - it is time to stand athwart history and scream "Eat me!"

I know the Republicans will howl that the Democrats are playing politics; so what? Like that in and of itself is a bad thing? This is the perfect time to play politics. I think a good question to ask is this - why is the Administration violating a simple axiom of business, and throwing good money after bad? Rather than take over these banks, and sell their assets for pennies on the dollar - a far better solution and something that has been done historically - we are just buying a bunch of bad paper, and what?

Not a dime to these people.
Toxic Assets, that's the term. Can you believe that term?
Well, AIG, Fanny, and Freddy had to be saved. AIG was just too deep into our economy to let die, now we own it, and Fred and Fann we actually had "gauranteed" anyway. But all the others screw em, except we won't. Socialism by default. Who would have thunk it.

By the way i was reading about the temperment of our Presidents based on the something or other scale and None Of Them were ever rated as an idealist.
By now you have probably seen Section:8 of the proposed Paulson/Bush bailout bill:

"Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency."

It has to be a joke right?
No, no joke. Only if Congress lets it go through that way. I that happens where can Bush go to hide after January 09?
Interesting times ...
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