Saturday, September 20, 2008


If I had my druthers ...

... I'd druther drive out to Palo Duro Canyon to sight-see, and eat at the Big Texan in Amarillo tonight.

But nooooo. I have to mow the yard, trim bushes, pay bills, fill out a loan application to get my truck fixed, and start boxing up my books to haul 'em out of here, among many other things, so the carpet people can come lay our new carpet -- color called "chocolate milk" -- on Oct. 7.

It being just me who is able, barely, to lift things, I think *maybe* I can get it done this weekend and next. Ugh.


If you don't have a hand truck get one. ACE has one that converts to the 4 wheel book box carrying type or is the standard two wheeler. cost about $60, but it will cost you more than that if you #%#&* up your back.
Just put the empty boxes on the cart/truck and the roll them out the door and kick them into your trailer /container/ whatever.
How's the bird in Houston?
OH yes don't forget to fill those empty books with books before storing.
boxes with books
Got the hand tuck covered. It, a yard cart and a folding ladder are about the two best household investments I ever made.
Dang those have to things!
I'm not exactly the handiest feller in the woods. My alter-ego, Mr. Fixit, is presented when I actually turn the screw driver without having to say outloud, "Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosy."

Nonetheless, my wife has had some major tasks for me on my honey-do list. Hang hooks in the garage so we can get or bikes off the floor; replace the railing for the stairwell, which was removed to aid in hauling things to the basement (and when we found out the bottom bracket wasn't exactly screwed into a stud); secure a cabinet to a wall; build a cabinet in the basement; fix the lawnmower; repair or replace the garbage disposal; etc.

"Mr. Fixit" has been a busy, busy boy. All but one task is done, though, and I'm going to need expert assistance to get it done.

My lovely wife wants to have some flexibility in our upstairs living room and wants another cable outlet in the room. The best method is to string cable through a portal in the basement, then fish it up through the flooring, between the closet and living-room walls and out the wall.


Now you see why I'll need help.

Next, I'm sure, will be getting the baby's room completely set up, key baby things found or purchased, preparing for nights with little or no sleep, etc. We're 10 weeks away.

But we're excited, and Mr. Fixit's ready to tackle his next honey-do assignment. :-)
Teditor is procreting. Scary. :-)
Oh, DrLobo: Fridaynight, Bird and some of her girfreidns from work went out for margaritas and then bowling. Things are back to normal, more or less, on the north side of Houston. :-) Took a solid week to get the power back on.
Have you been to Palo Duro before? I have noticed this canyon recently and have been thinking I want to go out there some time. Is it a good place to visit?
Monkman, it's beautiful. I've been there several times.
Love the canyon (and Caprock Canyon as well) but please enlighten me as to why you would want to eat at the Big Texan???

The food is horrible.
Dude. It was bad when you lived there. It's been good again now for several years. Srsly. :-)

Plus, there's the kitsch factor!
Sigh. It's Sunday night, I'm down in my back, and I didn't get the yard mowed or the books boxed.

Sigh. I'm self-medicating with Lortab, and, four hours later, some Dickel on ice, some grilled ham steak from, yesterday, with cheese grits, ham biscuits and green tomato pickles. :-)
Palo Duro Canyon a place of serious Medicine. The place where the Llano Estacado bleeds waters that become the Red River. The heart of the Comancheria and the final battle of the Buffalo War.
The place that echoed with the screams of a thousand ponies as they were killed by Blue Coats and the start of the long surrender of Quanah Parker as he walked his people back to Cache Creek in Oklahoma, and into the compounds at Fort Sill. It was the birthplace of the Chuck Wagon and the start of the Goodnight Loving Trail. A place with a million scorpions and a billion tarantulas.
And most of all it is the place where you can attend an atrocious production of an ethnocentric fiasco of a play name "Texas".
Yep to all. Dr. ER has seen "Texas." We keep meaning to go see it together.
I couldn't find an e-mail link or some other more appropriate place to post this, so here goes.

Free Jeremiah Munsen!
By Nicholas Stix

The following text is that of the petition I have posted at, plus hyperlinks to supporting material. I urge all of my readers to hit the link, sign the petition, and forward the petition text and its ipetitions link to all of their friends, relatives, and acquaintances, as well as any other people and organizations they think might support and promote it. For more information on the Munsen case, please read the hyperlinked articles.

Free Jeremiah Munsen!

We, the undersigned, call on President George W. Bush to pardon Jeremiah Munsen, immediately freeing him from the four-month federal prison sentence he began serving on September 15, 2008; thereby nullifying that sentence, as well as Munsen’s sentences of one year of supervised probation, 125 hours of “community service,” and five additional years of unsupervised probation; and to dismiss Justice Department officials Grace Chung Becker and Donald W. Washington, who engineered the malicious, illegal prosecution of Munsen.

Jeremiah Munsen was arrested and prosecuted for engaging in symbolic speech that is protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and thus was not guilty of any crime.

On September 20, 2007, approximately 20,000 predominantly black protesters rallied in Jena, Louisiana, in support of Mychal Bell and his five co-defendants, all black, all of whom had been arrested and charged for a December 4, 2006 gang attack on their white high school classmate, Justin Barker.

Bell, who had already been convicted four times prior to the attack on Barker, twice for crimes of violence, sucker punched Barker from behind, and then, as his victim lay unconscious, stomped on him, while in organized fashion as many as nine accomplices blocked students and teachers alike from coming to Barker’s aid.

Bell, et al., were initially charged with attempted murder. However, political pressure exerted through the Jena Race Hoax, which was scripted by white racial activist and Baptist preacher, Alan Bean, and which depicted the attackers as victims and the victim as deserving of his fate, succeeded in getting the charges reduced to second-degree battery. On December 3, 2007, In exchange for testifying against five of his accomplices, Bell would plead guilty to the lesser charge as a juvenile.

The September 20, 2007 rally’s call was “Free the Jena 6”; the protesters sought, through their race hoax and national political pressure, to get Bell and his accomplices off, scot-free, for their crimes.

After the rally, the then 18-year-old Munsen hung extension cords fashioned to resemble nooses from the back of his pickup truck and, accompanied by an underaged friend, repeatedly drove past a crowd of black protesters who were waiting for buses home to Tennessee. Prosecuting Munsen under two unconstitutional federal “hate crime” laws under which he could have faced 11 years in federal prison, Becker and Washington coerced him into accepting a plea bargain.

Jeremiah Munsen may have been a jerk, but no more so than those who rallied on behalf of violent criminals, and who defamed the criminals’ victim. In any event, the First Amendment decrees that both sides had a constitutional right to be jerks.

The illegal prosecution of Munsen was intended to have a chilling effect on whites’ freedom of speech to criticize anti-white racism, and will have an emboldening effect on blacks to racially assault whites, and promote ever more race hoaxes.

Just as the countless race hoaxes of the past 20-odd years, including the Duke Rape Hoax, have led to racially-motivated violent crimes and the political persecution of whites, with the media’s support, the Jena Race Hoax led to a wave of noose hoaxes by blacks nationwide, and the persecution of additional, innocent whites.

We demand that President Bush pardon Jeremiah Munsen, and dismiss Grace Chung Becker and Donald W. Washington. America is not a dictatorship … yet.

(End of petition text)

* * *

If you care about justice and freedom of speech, I urge you to please call the White House switchboard at (202) 456-1414, contact your congressman and U.S. senators, and write and call your local newspapers and TV news divisions, with these demands. Thank you.
Threats of violence, harm, or death are not Free Speech under the Constitution. You can't holler "Fire" in a crowed theater when there is none. You can't incite a riot, or solicit a crime.
The Kids did basically all of these one way or another.
We went round and round over the theory behind "hate speech" one time.

In practice, this wasn't "speech." It was intimidation, which is a form of terrorism.

The theater was not on fire. Let him serve his time.
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