Friday, September 19, 2008


Heart Attack Grill, and other fun places

(Messed-up link fixed).


Where I am now, 5:05 p.m.: Maker's Cigar & Piano Lounge, in Oklahoma City's Bricktown.

Where I'm gonna be a few times this fall. Next, new to Bricktown.

But they ought to put a Heart Attack Grill over at Stockyards City!



Dudes. We sooo need one of these in OKC.

('Member: Friday is my eat-anything-I-damn-well-please day, and I just had a huge Colorado omelet at IHOP. Mexican later for supper. Then back to the rabbit fare.)


Love the no smoking sign on the door. Hypocrites! :-)
Hey, ER we got some of those down on South Robinson already:
Now dadgum it, scantily-clad vixens are one thing, street ho's is another!

And now I'm off to indulge my own self with a Rocky Patel, 1992 vintage 54-ring maduro ceegar and a drinky.
Looks like the kind of place I could go with Mathman and The Actor and pull out a book to read and no one would even notice....
ER the two on the left look like they are way under age. When will this get here?
DCup, that you could. Myself, I am the weirdo who always brings a laptop, or a book or, like today, both. :-)
DrLobo: Yer eyes deceive you. Legal gals look younger and younger to me all the time.
Would that be the redneck version of Hooters?? ;)
I think so!
Wow! I just hooked up my new 22inch HD monitor and clicked on the picture here. Oh my, I loves my new monitor.
LOL. Don't let it scald yer eyeballs.
Yep, these days my eyeballs are about the only things that pop out anymore.
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