Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The era of big government is back

Dr. ER said: "Who would've thought that a meeting of the Banking Committee would be of such interest?"

Indeed. It's giving me flashbacks to the Watergate hearings, in terms of somberness and the we-are-skirting-a-constitutional-crisis air about it.

Myself, I'm not worried about corporate executives golden parachutes. Let 'em keep 'em. I want Congress to extend the same hand to everyday people that they're going to have to extend to Wall Street.

Oh, and moron:


Every Sunday night I would hear:
"Progress is our most important business."
Anyone else that old?
BTW, I looked for a clip of Clinton saying, "The era of big government is over," to hold up to ridicule, along with Raygun. But I couldn't find one. Somebody finds it, I'll add it.
Whoa, DrLoboJo. There's only, like, one reference to that old GE line on the whole dang Internets! Make that two, now.
I remember. GE immediately popped to mind.
Looking at that clip of Reagan's first inaugural gave me shivers. Bad shivers. And shakes. All I could think about was the eight years we endured, and how awful the first two or three really were.

As for being "old", sorry, drlobojo, I hate to admit that is before my time. Considering, however, that your marriage has lasted as long as I've been alive, I do believe that you shouldn't be surprised.
Look, I'd be happy with $300 - $500 grand. I could pay everything off, create the kernal of a retirement fund for MathMan and me and put aside some money for the kids' college.

I'll keep working and paying my taxes and doing good deeds when I can.

No gold plated toilets required.
I was reading about the super-conductor super-collider in Europe and how they are getting ready to search for the composition of "Dark Energy". You know they're kind at the threshold of seeking the ultimate universal power source.

Seeing Ronald Regan reminded me of his summarily cancelling the American effort to participate. Is that big hole still in Texas?

So how much do you think we will have to pay the EU to buy a license to use their power sources?
Who's Reagan? --Just harassing you oldies! (But I was too young to vote for him.)

GE brings good things to light, right?

"You know they're kind at the threshold of seeking the ultimate universal power source."

While that is possible, anyone think about Switzerland making a dark energy weapon and taking over the world? Neutral? Just wait.
Harness "dark energy" and you can have the world and the cosmos too. Why share?
Ah, the Super-Conducting Super Collider, may it rest in piece. It put Waxahachie, (Wocks*-uh-hat-chee) Texas, on the map, then took it off.

Reminds me of an oldie but a goody. Newcomer to the project, newcomer to Waxahatchie, first visit of many to the local Dairy Queen. Tells the gal behind thecounter, I'm new to town. Gonna be working here for awhile. Probably be in here a lot." How do you say the name of this place? Say it slow."

Said she, "Sure, hon. ... Dare-eeeeeeee Kweeeeen."
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