Friday, September 12, 2008


Dubya, 'Invisible Man,' in OKC

El Presidente, they say, will rake in a million bucks for John McCain and the Republican National Committee from his soiree today in Oklahoma City with a beer magnate who lives in a 14,000-plus-square-foot house. (Specs).

There, my partisan pals, in case you felt your outrage flagging.

Texas hurricane or not, Dubya politicking next door, from the L.A. Times.

Invisible man on the campaign trail in OKC, from The Associated Press.

On Air Force One en route to OKC, from the Wall Street Journal.

"Not everyone in Oklahoma welcomes his visit,"
from KSBI-TV.

Live blogging the president's visit, by the local paper.

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Any clue as to what piece of "official" business Bush is using to justify the gazillions of bucks it costs to run Air Force One and to do that ridiculous leap frogging thing they do with the cargo planes toting the armored vehicles (the entourage of SUVS and the multiple limos)?
What's he doing in OKC? If I may:
Our Senator Inhoff, the dumbest Senator in the Senate, and the second dumbest Senator ever from Oklahoma is in real danger of losing his Senate seat to a young Democrat. That's the real reason he is here.

ER, what's a picture of my house doing on your blog?

The blog reporter said:"Not sure how everyone got on the base to see him. Seems likely that they’re family members of people who work at Tinker, but that’s not confirmed."
Now you know that they were props, but would it not be interesting to know how those props were obtained. Now that would be a real American story.

And for sure no "props" were provided outside or inside his HSA briefing this morning. They were locked in like gerbils.
Nan, there was a "briefing" on health care, where he complained about the "nationalizing" of health care.
ER, they only had the HSA meeting to cover his raising money for the Republicans (not McCain alone mind you candidates including Inhoff).
You see, if you buy a $25,000 plate of chicken sold by the rePublican Party it is not a contribution.
I know. I was justg answerin' Nan: "Any clue as to what piece of "official" business Bush is using to justify the gazillions of bucks it costs to run Air Force One ...?
"Common Cents" -- naaah. I get enough BS from the MSM.

CC apparently mistook this post as being in agreement with Dubya and in approval of his presence in OKC.
I see the Repubs have some Grecian columns of their own! ;)

(Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Now, come on, you guys. Bush isn't doing anything using Air Force One that Clinton, and every other president, hasn't done. Not to mention the use of "props."

I might have to agree with drLBJ on one or two other points, though, so don't attack me too harshly. :)
:-), hey, I am all about taking advantage of the spoils of office. I didn't slam him too hard, considerin'. :-)
No, YOU didn't, ER. :)
At what point in recent History did the "perks" become the "spoils" of office.

Is that why we let them go so far? We just see them as land pirates who deserve what they can get? George W. Bush, Comanchero?
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