Saturday, September 13, 2008


Bird watch, Ike watch

:::UPDATED::: Bird, talkin' to Dr. ER on the phone, just described the morning's events with a little more specificity: "It sounded like little elves with little wheelbarrows, running up and down the roof, dumping rocks." :::END UPDATE::: :-)

Bird reports, from the north edge of Houston, where she and YB live: "It sounded like somebody was throwing buckets of rocks onto the top of the house this morning."

Other than that, and the backyard being almost totally under water, and "chunks" of trees and piles of pine needles everywhere, oh, and no electricity, Bird and YB are fine.


Lord, have mercy
But how are their puppies???
Yes. ... Monk, BTW: Bird is my step-daughter, 22, and YB is short for YankeeBeau, her betrothed, who hails from Massachusetts.
The livestock are fine! They all slept in a YB-Fenway-Bird-Apollo sandwich.
A two-dog night. ;)

Glad they're okay. Hope the elves don't do too much unwanted remodeling.
Excellent. Glad Ike move East of the Shipping channel. Hope she gets electricity back quick like.
Houston without airconditioning is not a place to be.

Avise her to stay alert, all that water that has been dumped North of her has to go South.
Mine own in Baton Rouge just got their electricity back on Wednesday, just in time to watch the new storm.

Now all of this water raining down across the mid-west has to flow past them in Baton Rouge. The Mississippi is just three blocks away (the levey top is 15 feet above their roof line). Not good.
Do they at least have a wood-burning fireplace, with dry wood inside so that they can heat food and water for tea/coffee?

After years of power-outages and such - I have come to the conclusion that a wood-burning fireplace is the main thing you need, only if it's cold of course. (you can drink the water from the toilet tank. No flushing the toilet! You'll lose your source of clean water).

Also, if you take a roll of toilet paper and wrap it around your hand, then fold the edges over, place it on the stove coil and light it, it can go a long way to heating a can of soup/beans etc.
Well, she said they have a grill -- whether gas or wood-briquets I don't know -- but when I talked to her last it was still raining kind of sideways, I think.
Hope they're not without power long and that they had plenty of drinking water stashed.
Mmm-hmm. Me, too. Not sure how preared they were for the long haul.
I'm keeping a good thought for those kids who aren't such kids anymore!
Here's hoping that they have screen windows and musquiter repellent, and plenty of dog food.
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