Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The 2008 Oklahoma Primary Election Jack Chick Tract of the Day!

Election Day here today. I vote at a local fundalicious Baptist church, where one gets to walk past a rack of tracts to get to the polling place.

I honestly don't mind. If I were not a Christian I might. In fact, I suppose it might be against my religion to even vote if I had to do so in a Baptist church.

Today's Primary Election tract: "The Sissy?"

Read "The Sissy?"


No, I'm not going to read "The Sissy" and you can't make me!
Ya big sissy!
Speakin' of sissies ...

OK, I just needed a transition.

Got a major deal in the works. Gettin' paid for two Texas gigs, which will have me hangin' out in north Texas for 10 days and away from the loves of my life.

Hey, it's rodeo, and it's part of rodeo. I know. And it's what I absolutely love doing. Check out cychallenge.com and see the progress. I did this Web site and will be doing all the updates. I'm also doing the publicity.

Sulphur Springs, Texas, is nine hours from the house, and I'm READY to tackle this job. I'm ready to tackle the next one, too, in Denton, Texas. But I'm already missin' my girls.

By the way, ER, we found out two weeks ago that we're expecting a little girl. I love it. While I'd love to have a boy to carry on my name, I'm thrilled to death that I can have a little girl and a way to honor my momma, who died more than eight years ago.

Good news is, my wife has agreed the middle name will be either Dorothy or Beatrice. Or we might go with two middle names: XXXX Dorothy Beatrice.

Here's the kicker. My bride's maternal grandmother's name was Beatrice Dorothy.

See, it's a God thing.
Chick Tracts are just a modern day form of stained glass window, aren’t they? It’s a simple way of reinforcing the fundamentals of the dogma in an ill-educated congregation. No-one who is not already a believer is likely to convert as a result of reading them.
Would a big, strong, tough, trucker who is that wrapped up in his own masculinity use a sissy word like "sissy".

I've known a couple of truckers in my time, and most of the words they used had a little more starch in them.

Except for my uncle, who rarely talks at all and never says anything bad about anybody when he does.
Actually voting in a church? Sure, since I'm kind of reverent about voting. On the other hand, it'd probably get me back on my anger at how many of your megachurches actively engage in political demagoguery of the worst sort while retaining their tax-free status...

The other thing is, on Super Tuesday this year, I started a post with a scene from this very Tract: the one where the evangelist trucker is drawn as being twice as large as the other two, and lovingly massaging their shoulders.
I haven't clicked the link yet, but I will. I used to ignore these things, but now I collect them. You can find them anywhere - public restrooms, the shelves of supermarkets and department stores, even libraries. People leave them on purpose for others to find, so I do what I'm supposed to do.

I just wish I could find that one I love so much, the name of which escapes me but which you provided for me oh so long ago, in which the final panel is the figure of a lone man walking despondently to the fires of hell. Before that, he and God were in a screening room, watching his life pass before them, making God some kind of movie producer, I guess.

I just love Chick Tracts. They are the Goobers and Raisinettes of Christianity.
Just read it. Love it! They even get the waitress in on it!
You would be referring to "This Was Your Life":

So sorry to have to keep having the title, etc. of that particular tract handed to me. I do so love that one. If you find a copy of it - and I mean a hard copy - let me know. I will pay for it.
My favorite Chick Tract will always be "Doom Town!" staring Rip Taylor (sans confetti, unfortunately).
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