Sunday, June 01, 2008


God, did, indeed, give us another cat

And the lessons this little critter, Miss Eames, is imparting have to do with ... GRACE! again!

Dang, it, but Ice-T, our primary cat, will not give the new auxiliary kitty a break. So, I want to dislike him. But I can't because I love him. Yet I love Miss Eames, too.

The question, at first blush, with only a little thought behind it is:

How can my love for both kitties be swayed because one of them, Ice-T, is being natural to himself in being "mean" to the other one? And because the other one, Miss Eames, just appears, for the time being, to be surrendering to the Big Cat?

I held Miss Eames for awhile today and I thought she was purring -- but then I realized she was not; she was trembling. And I loved her more and held her closer.

Does God hold us closer when we're trembling? Because that's as close as we can get to loving God, trembling is all we have in us at the moment?

And I was angry at Ice-T. And I picked him up at one point, when he was threatening Miss Eames, and flung him away, to give Eames some time to get herself together, eat, and poop, and chill, in her own space, and to keep Ice-T from doing something we all three would regret.

Is that what's happening when two people who God so loves get in each other's way? God flings one of us out of the way of the other -- for the sake of both, and for God's own sake?

Feel free to laugh. God works mighty wonders with the critters around us.


Ah the trials and tribulations of having the SECOND child.
Notice, if you will, how the new kitty is a dead-ringer, albeit female, of Ice-T. Drlobo, et al, I am now gone...Eames' mommy, with whom she bonded. ER tells me that all she does is hide...she's hiding from T, of course, but I think she is terrified...will her terror go away? I just want to rush back and get her and save her from the big black Devil, Ice-T. I can't remember my google name, so I'll show up as anonymous, but I am, indeed, Dr. ER.
I think DrLoboJo said he was going out hunting for buffalo skulls or something.

I keep thinking about the poor kitty he told me about that got progressively more withdrawn on a car ride to Oklahoma from Alaska, then ran into his new house, made a beeline for a bathroom and lived there for years. ... Eames *has* to get over this. Sniff.
She will. It may take longer than you'd like, but kitties do have their hierarchies to work out. And that may not turn out how you'd like either, but cest la vie.

Case in point: my favourite neighborhood kitty (think I set you a pic of her once) was getting beat-up on by her owner's new mamma kitty. It took several months for these two outdoor cats to work things out between them, but they now have their territories staked out and all's well.
I think you've just articulated the definition of the Liberation Theology statement of "God's preferential option for the poor." A la kittycat.

That's a pretty Jesusy statement, too.
If I ever make it to seminary, my kitties will play prominent roles in some of my writings. :-)
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