Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Oklahoma cattle drive -- in DETROIT

This makes me plumb proud.

Cattle drive in Detroit.


(Photo from Detroit Free Press.)

Republican voters . . .
Well, they got taste then.

You know I drive a Dodge Ram 4WD doublecab? Which they will take from me when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers ... I DO plan to buy a lil bitty Suburu if and when I remove to Colorado, though. ...

Dodge makes a truck? Interesting. ;) And here I thought the only truck any self-respecting American would buy would be a Ford. (I drive a 1997 Ford F150 with 203,000 miles on it.)
Only one hiccup in the story. Woodward isn't in the Oklahoma Panhandle. It's damn close, but it's not in the three-county area once known as No Man's Land.

Of course, from OKC, going through Woodward is the best way to get to the Panhandle.
I drove Ford Rangers because that's all I could afford. I bought my first Dodge in Guthrie, Okla., because -- I swear I am not making this up -- it had pin stripes painted to look like barbed wire. My R roped, threw, mugged and tied my E that day.
I noticed that. But, he could live in Woodward and have a ranch in the Panhandle. But I'll bet the writer just didn't know any better.
My 83 Chevy pickemup truck has 300,000 miles third odeometer so's I'm not sure anymore. A Ram is a sheep ain't it. Why use cattle to introduce it? Aren't they steering them wrong. Maybe it was just a dung deal to horn in on the lore of the west. Do you know where to look for a cow hide? I mean isn't a Cow-boy a mixing of genders in the worst way like these puns?
For that matter, he might have a ranch that extends from Woodward INTO the Panhandle.

I'll have to post my "shy Longhorn" photo on my blog one of these days. I don't think he'll be running with these boys anytime soon.
Somewhat off the point, but that shot of the longhorns reminded me just a little of the pterodactyl in the show I've been helping build, this last day or two. It appears briefly at:

The wingspan of the damn thing stretches almost all the way across That Place Where The Blazers Play. It's stunning, in a very weird way.
OK. Today where I work some guys were drilling into marble in the lobby, so they could hang some equipment. It made the most hideous sound. I remarked to a collegaue: "Sounds like they're castratin' dinosaurs down there.' He said, "(ER), I know you're an old soul, but come on." Said I: "Welp, I am a farm boy and in a former life we raised 'em! Open range!"

DrLobo: You win the first-ever ER Bum Steer Pun Award. (Apologies to "Texas Monthly.")
Rich, that is damn cool. .. "an event 65 million years ij the making." Hoot!

(I thought it was 15-plus million years ... what IS the latest guesstimate as to how long this mortal coil has been around anyway?)
What are Texas longhorns doing in or near the OK panhandle? Or are you going to relate the story of how they are actually Oklahoma Longhorns that those dirty rotten Texicans stole?
Uh .. Texas Longhorns is a breed. Like Angus. Or Hereford. Or Brahman. Or Limousin. Or Charlois. Or Chianina. Or Saler. Or Belted Galloway (my favorite: Oreo cows!). :-)
But, if Tejans think they can get somethin' by stealin' it, they'll probably try!
Speaking of Texans, it worthy to note that the Longhorn horns don't get long unless you cut his balls off, otherwise they are only 1/3rd as long as the dude in the picture.
Long long horns equal steer.
Hmm.. A bunch of rampaging 500lb animals with enormous horns running around downtown Detroit.

Sounds like the safest those streets have been in 30 years. :)
Drlobojo: Speaking of Texans, it worthy to note that the Longhorn horns don't get long unless you cut his balls off, otherwise they are only 1/3rd as long as the dude in the picture. Long long horns equal steer.

Yep, figures. Males, apparently regardless of species, try to make up for lack in one area with overkill in another! ;)
That reminds me...Does anyone in Oklahoma know about the advant garde troupe in Manhattan called The Oklahoma Nature Theater? Reminds me of when I lived there and there was a bar called the Cowgirl Hall of Fame.
Howdy, Junk.

Don't know nothin' about the Oklahoma Nature Theater. I do know a little about the Manhattan Cowgirl Hall of Fame. Here is an obit on the founder of the original, in Hereford, Texas, with a mention of rhe Manhattan place:
Jolene writes, "Yep, figures. Males, apparently regardless of species, try to make up for lack in one area with overkill in another! ;)" I wish I hadn't made that comment about my big pickup truck. *ahem*
Mine's bigger than yers.

My truck, I mean.
The horn on my truck doesn't work anymore so I take no offense.

"Oklahoma Nature Theater", ah yes, Junk, Oklahoma meets Kafka. I remembered that it was part of a Kafka story, so that sent me to the web and "the magic source of knowledge" which provided:

Here from is a part of a review.
"Franz Kafka (1883-1924) started writing this novel in 1913 and this, like most of his other work, was published after his death. He never visited America, but reality is not an important factor in his work. Rather, he creates a surreal landscape for his main character, Karl, a 16-year old who has been sent away from his homeland because of an unfortunate relationship with a servant girl. Karl is a victim throughout in a series of improbable adventures, and constantly struggles through a confused labyrinth of streets and buildings and random acts of cruelty and compassion. Always, he is under stress and the choices he makes keep leading to even more preposterous predicaments."
Like much of Kafka's work, "Amerika" is uncompleted, and we are left with a potentially intriguing fragment in which Karl, having somehow escaped his state of captivity, gets a job with a roadshow organization called the Theatre of Oklahoma, which promises (but ultimately cheats us out of) further bizarre adventures into the heartland of America..."

Only more bazaar than Kafka writing about Oklahoma is the Oklahoma story by H.P.Lovecraft about the Ghost Mound.
LOLOLOLOL--thanks for the chuckle, this morning, guys! :)
:-), Jolene.

Hey, DrLoboJo, I think that Lovecraft tale is online...
Yep, I got it off the Aussie Gutenberg once. That site is kicking off today. Found it on

It is under the line:
The Mound...........
DRLOBOJO - I love Kafka's take on Oklahoma in his glorious "Amerika". Oklahoma is definitely the most Kafkaesque place I've ever lived. Even more bizarre is when I've seen "Go Sooners" caps on the streets of Ougadougou.
Junk, almost as strange as Sooner caps in Burkina Faso (Upper Volta to those with Colonial Globes) is my experience of finding Oklahoma State University Extension signs plastered all over Karen, Eritrea (Northern Ethiopia for those with Colonial globes).

Kafkaesque, Oklahoma? Yes. Such as we are now in the news because the triple cocktail for killing people by lethal injection invented by Oklahoma and legislated into law doesn't quite do the job right.
Interesting about the OSU Extension caps. The legacy of Henry G. Bennett lives.
No, not caps, rather it was farms, buildings, schools, tractors, trucks all sorts of shit.

Yes it was the great Bennett's work.
Oh, "signs." I missed that on my first read. Makes more sense, too.
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