Friday, November 16, 2007


'Oh, what a beautiful morning!'

Happy Statehood Centennial to all my Okie kith and kin!


Happy holiday! I almost feel like we should exchange gifts!
Bah Humbug, I like "Poor Judd is Dead" better.
Actually, that's my favorite, too. Nothing but high school versions on YouTube.
Fine. No rose rocks for you.
Hell Trixie I've swallowed so much of this damn red dirt and dust while plowing and such that I sometimes defecate rose rocks.

So long as we are on the 100 years stuff, I got a post over on my humble blog about it.
I do hope that your histories note that one of the movers and shakers behind Oklahoma statehood is a distant relative of former Vice President Al Gore, and the grandfather of novelist and publicist Gore Vidal, who remembers sitting on his grandfather's lap and reading to him when the old man was old and blind and the young boy was a precocious youngster.
Yep, at least this old man knows who Senator Thomas Pryor Gore was.
As a closet Populist, he is one of my role models.
Dudes. Gore, OK, is in my home county:,_Oklahoma
I hear of the town Gore and think "Uranium hexafluoride." One of the scariest work memories I have is setting of the radiation detector.
Trixie: "Uranium hexafluoride."

Isn't that the stuff that keeps your teeth from rotting so that they can fall out of your jaw in perfect condition?
LOL! Not exactly. It's the radioactive stuff Kerr-McGee accidentally released from its plant in Gore back in the '80s.
Now, how many people in Oklahoma pronounce "meadow" as "meadah". And how many people in Oklahoma home would use meadow instead of field or pasture. But I am nitpicking...

My favorite tune is the often cut "It's a Scandal, It's an Outrage!"
As to the pronunciation, please remember that Hugh Jackman, who plays Curly in this clip, is Australian.

And, Rogers and Hammerstein, were writing in a New York apartment, and knew as much about Oklahoma as I do living here in northern Illinois, which is nothing.

Long live all the Ado Annie's of the world - "I'm just a girl who can't say no" - and those who sail in them.
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